Turns out Queenslanders really won State of Origin 2019. 

Well, at least in the eyes of all Queensland-supporting-pizza-loving folk.

Thanks to Crust Pizza, Queensland supporters don’t need to wallow in last night’s six point loss, (or the 2019 series loss) any longer. And that’s because Crust Pizza is comforting Maroons fans by offering free pizza.

Image via Crust Pizza.

Image via Crust Pizza.

We can only imagine pizza consumption throughout the Origin series is at an all-time high, with mates gathering together to watch the game, in need of fuel in the form of hot delicious food. Turns out it’s true, Crust Pizza divisional marketing manager, Zoe Jacovou said, “this week is one of the biggest in the year for us, and we briefed 303 Mullen Lowe on an idea to keep the momentum going beyond game night,” hence why the Free Sympathy Slice campaign was born.

So, how does one claim their sympathy pizza?

It’s easier than sweating through three antagonising NRL games, that’s for sure.

First up, download the Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar app, and Crust will pop one free medium pizza into your cart. Anyone in Australia who downloads the app can redeem their pizza.

If you’ve already got the app and are living in NSW, you can still redeem your pizza (turns out NSW just keep winning)! Unfortunately, for those who have the app elsewhere, you can’t. It’s only for new downloads.

Get in quick, ends Saturday 13 July 2019. For more information head to Crust.