By now we are sure all of you have managed to watch the grand final, and so we think it’s safe to say: Go Israel, our non-European partner in crime! It was a very unique performance, filled with chicken sounds and crazy lyrics. And let’s not forget Cyprus who came runner up! But, anyway, now that it’s a wrap for Eurovision 2018, it’s only customary to call out some unforgettable moments and some noteworthy performances. Also, we wish to address the elephant in the room and discuss why Australia lost.

But first, did anyone catch UK’s performance being interrupted by an activist? If not, here it is: (Scroll to 1:44 for the moment)

This is a perfect time to start our special mentions here, because SuRie did a damn good job continuing her performance! And let’s also give another special mention to Australian host Joel Creasey’s worthy comment of the matter:

According to a reply tweet from Joel Creasey himself, he was “very chuffed” to get special mention from J.K. Rowling.

But aside from this stage invasion, there wasn’t any other dramatic events at Eurovision 2018, except for the variety of amazing performances. And with that said, here’s a few deserving special mentions:


While we did say their performance would become a highlight, we have to be honest and say we were a bit wary of how they’d perform this. But, boy did they deliver! Out of all the performances of Eurovision 2018, this was the most entertaining to watch as well as listen to. But what do you think?


Alright, it’s not the most wowing performance, but it’s not everyday that you do a performance that gets blocked out by Chinese media. And the reason? Well, two guys held hands and danced together. Shock, horror! Also, just another special mention here, doesn’t Ryan O’Shaughnessy have a wonderful voice?


Great stage performances involve three main points: Colour, Light, Movement. It’s an illusion, designed for the audience. And Estonia delivered with a dress that dances with light. Also, we think she just reached a tone that is very rare to see on Eurovision. Could she break glass with that voice?


This can honestly be the dream wedding song for 2018. Tu Canción translates to “your song”, and traverses the meaning of love, just as Elton John’s song by the same name did. But it’s in Spanish, which makes it a little more sexy. Amaia and Alfred, the two singers in this song, are actual lovers in real life, which makes this song so much more special. Here’s the English version, with a videography of their blossoming love:


Okay, we didn’t go so well in Eurovision, even though we did make it to the Grand Final. And we need to talk about it. There are so many people saying Australia has lost their charm with Europe and Europe has made the call to give us a crap score. However, do remember that Israel is not European either, it’s actually Middle Eastern. Also, they’re not the only country competing that’s not European. And sure, We Got Love is a catchy song and a nice anthem, but to honest, it wasn’t Cyprus’s Fuego with their nightclub dance routine and sequin body suits or Ireland’s Together featuring a very attractive gay couple. Jessica Mauboy is a great singer, has exceptional stage presence, with an even more exceptional voice, but the song was very standard. And I’m not the only one saying that. Check out this reaction video on the original video clip:

They all love it, except for one, but you can tell they have mixed feelings about the song. Luke from the UK said that it was very much an anthem, “but it’s just a bop, it’s a powerful anthemy bop. It’s nothing outrageous.”

Rose-Maria expresses her thoughts and said she wouldn’t vote for the song.

“We’ve seen this so many times,” she said. “This message, this video, we’ve seen it all.”

And let’s not forget the twittersphere. Check these comments:

But while there were those downplaying Jessica’s performance, others were quick to praise her, and not just for her performance either:

And let’s not forget she managed to get into the grand final.

But, in light of this, let us compare it with Dami Im’s song Sound Of Silence, who came runner up in 2016:

Perhaps the most notable point is the dress Dami wears. It’s a lot more spectacular than Jessica’s outfit, but the song itself is different too. It’s not crying for a world of love, which is quite cliche and very naive. This song that Dami sung tackles the concept of falling in love in the online world. Something specific. Something relatable. And can we mention that dress again?

Here’s some lyrics to show you the message:

Growing tired and weary brown eyes
Trying to feel your love through face time
Symphonies of dreams and highlights
Caught up in this crazy fast life
But baby you’re not here with me
And I keep calling calling
Keep calling ’cause

Now my heart awakes to the sound of silence
Mind you, here’s some lyrics from We Got Love:
I know
I know what you must be thinking
That we are
Powerless to change things
But don’t, don’t give up
‘Cause we got love
‘Cause we got love
I won’t
Throw my hands up to surrender
‘Cause love
Is stronger than fire
So don’t, don’t give up
‘Cause we got love
‘Cause we got love
So, no, we don’t think Australia is getting the cold shoulder from Europe, as many seem to think. And we hope the next songwriters for Australia learns from this for next year when Eurovision takes place in Israel. Also, there’s a question we must clarify for you all…

Why is Australia in Eurovision?

It’s because we’ve been loyal fans for 30 years. SBS Australia has been sharing the song contest since 1983, and not only that, but SBS has been an associate member of the European Broadcasting Union since 1979, while the ABC has been one since 1950, so it’s fair to say that our ties with Europe have helped us gain access to Eurovision.

That being said, if Australia were ever to win Eurovision, they will not be able to host the show. Rather, they’ll need to nominate a host country in Europe to be a co-host with Autralia’s SBS.