7 Eurovision 2018 Participants To Watch Out For

Yes, it’s coming up to that time of year where the world thinks Australia is somewhere in Europe. Maybe somewhere off the coast of Ireland? That’s right, it’s that time where some amazing performances grace the world stage and where some sing in a language we don’t understand. But we don’t care. We love it. And, with Google, we can understand those hard lyrics.

Welcome to Eurovision!

If you’re looking for a list of potential winners, whom through strict research and testing has put them in a favourable position, you’re on the wrong list. That’s too mainstream for us. This list, to be accurate, is sharing the songs that could cause a ruckus, could raise a few eyebrows, or are just so damn catchy. They’re simply the ones that caught our eye, which could also mean they are likely the winners. And if you’re looking for the complete list, head to the Eurovision website.

But before we get into it, allow me to share with you Australian contestant Jessica Mauboy with her song ‘We Got Love’:


This is a very catchy song, and someone like Jessica who exudes a good slab of confidence will perform it very well. And guess what, this isn’t the first time she’s performed for Eurovision. In 2014, she performed an interval act, of the song Sea of Flags. Only this time round, Jessica’s competing.

This song was written and composed by Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci, and Jessica herself helped with writing it.

And just kidding, this is part of the list.


Netta Barzilai is good weird. But she has a powerful message in her song, aptly titled TOY. She won this year’s Israeli reality music show HaKokhav HaBa (English translation: “the next star”) and the ticket to represent Israel in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. This 25-year-old appears to be very determined, having grown quickly in the music world. She graduated high school with flying colours and went on to study at the Rimon School of Music in the Electronic Studies Department.

This song was composed by Doron Medalie, a renowned Israeli composer, and Stav Beger, an up-and-coming composer.


There’s something so heartwarming about this video. It almost reminds me of a Spanish version of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’, performed by a Moulin Rouge cast. They’re so perfect together. Tissues anyone?

Amaia Romero and Alfred Garcia perform this song so effortlessly, and their emotions take up the screen. The song is written and composed by Raul Gomez Garcia and Sylvia Ruth Santoro Lopez. Click here for the English translation of the lyrics.


Oh, I can’t get enough of catchy tunes. This one is uplifting and makes you want to dance. And it’s from one of those countries we forget when asked “name a country beginning with M”. Well, maybe this year they’ll get a spot on the map. A country starting with M? Moldova, of course.

The trio band is called DoReDoS, named after the first two notes of the musical scale. They are Marina Djundiet, Eugeniu Andrianov and Sergiu Mîța. The song is written by John Ballard and composed by Philipp Kirkorov. It’s not Despacito, but it’s up there somewhere.


It’s been nearly 3 years since Ireland granted same sex couples the right to marry, and now they’re doing something special to mark the occasion. Ryan O’Shaughnessy helped write the song ‘Together’ with Mark Caplice and Laura Elizabeth Hughes. He rose to fame when he sung a love song for a mystery girl on Britains Got Talent in 2012. This music video tells the bittersweet story of a relationship going sour through the lens of a gay couple strolling through the streets, stealing glances and dancing. If this is the video, I’m waiting to see what the performance will be like.


This song is about the war on terror, the displacement of those living tough, and hope. The title’s English translation reads: “You Did Nothing To Me”, and it has a very powerful message. This here is the second verse translated to English:

There are people that cross themselves, people that pray on carpets
Churches and Mosques. Imams and all the priests
Separated entries in the same house
Billions of people that hope for something

Handless arms, nameless faces
Let’s change our skin we are humans deep down
’cause our lives are not a point of view
And it doesn’t exist a pacifist bomb

Singer/songwriters Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, as well as fellow writer and composer Andrea Febo, have created this. Click here for lyrics translated in English.


It’s another one of those countries we forget when asked to name a country beginning with ‘E’. But this song may help these guys take a spot on the map. The powerful angelic voice performed by Elina Nechayeva was also co-written by her, and was created for her voice. It’s inspired by her young dreams of becoming an astronaut and drifting through the galaxy. On stage, Elina will do just that on stage with stars fluttering around her.