4 Easy Ways to Stay Connected Virtually in 2021. Photographed by Kari Shea. Image via Unsplash.

From virtual pub crawls to trivia nights, cooking classes and more. Here’s how to stay connected virtually in 2021!

Regardless of where you live, most Australians are currently either under lockdown or restricted with things that they can and cannot do. And, for most of us, it’s face-to-face interactions with the people we love that we miss the most.

And, if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that staying connected in troubling times is more important than ever. But how to stay connected? Well, it’s time to put the internet, your smartphone and any device with a camera to good use and get creative… virtually!

In a time where hugs are prohibited, coffee catchups are no longer and a quick drink at the pub has been put on hold. Just remember that the simple things count the most! So why not reach out to the friend you can’t see, plan a video call with a loved one or even just check-in on a co-worker.

With endless possibilities and the perfect time to get creative, to help you reconnect and hopefully give Netflix a break, we’ve found four easy ways to stay connected virtually in 2021.  Better yet, we’ve even put together a list of the nine best video call platforms you may need!

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Recently Hunter and Bligh found that 30.4 per cent of Australians are cooking more than usual during lockdown. And why wouldn’t we? So, for your next virtual meeting with friends, family or co-workers, why not participate in an online cooking class? Check out some of your local restaurants that may be offering home delivered boxes and tune in to create a delectable meal. Or, if not, set up your video at meal time and tune in for a family dinner. If you’re needing some inspiration on what to cook, head to our recipes page for a collection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time ideas.

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Virtual pub crawls? At-home cocktail classes? Tell us more! What better way to pair your newfound favourite meal than with a drink. And, considering that over 25 per cent of Aussies admitting that their drinking habits have increased somewhat, it’s time to finally get creative. Again, much like restaurants, there are a heap of bars, distilleries and wineries offering online masterclasses. Or, if you’d rather host your own cocktail night-in, you can always send your friend, family member or co-workers some drinks – we’d recommend BoozeBud with Australia-wide delivery. From martinis to aperitifs, margaritas and more, we’ve got some creative cocktail recipes to get you started.

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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of games. So, for one night, why don’t you give Monopoly a break and host a virtual games night instead? It’s the perfect solution if you’re looking to connect with friends or family that you can’t be with. And, we guarantee that there’ll certainly be a fair few laughs. Host a virtual trivia night, get off your seat and run around on a virtual scavenger hunt or, if you can’t get away from the screen, entertainment bingo is our go-to (watch a film or TV show and check off every time an actor does something or dramatic music plays). Sweeten the evening up with a home delivered dessert box or, if wine and cheese is your thing, these delivered grazing and charcuterie businesses should be your first call.

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Virtual exercise? Although the idea seems complex at first, it’s quite simple in theory. Much like virtual trivia or cocktail nights, you can do the exact same but by exercising. With 27.4 per cent of us exercising more in lockdown; if you’re sweating to see friends or family you can’t be with, virtual fitness does just that. Again, you can join in on an online class a local gym may be hosting. Or, if you’d rather do things are your own pace, you can always set up a video call, download one of these 10 best exercise at home apps and go from there. As for winding down, if you’re looking to stay grounded and connected, you can do the exact same thing with these top 10 meditation apps of 2021.

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Feature image: Photographed by Kari Shea. Image via Unsplash.
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