Netflix and chill? Nah, we think you should Netflix and chuckle!

When a viral pandemic sweeps the world, what is the best thing to do? Yep, sit in front of the TV and watch stand-up comedy specials on Netflix. And we’ve found 10 of the best ones!

Below are the best stand up comedies on Netflix right now, and their material spans all the hilarious and complicated aspects of life.

Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

Hannah Gadsby is a master on the mic, but don’t expect this show to be anything like her previous Netflix special Nanette. Her new special, Douglas, is a whimsical delve into the world of social awkwardness, the male patriarchy and weird art. It’s a flowing stream of stories with perfectly preconceived punchlines.

Jim Jeffries: Intolerant

When you need a good old Aussie jest, Jim Jeffries is your man. Intolerant is an intricately woven and easily digestible stand-up routine, with emphatic coarse language and eye-opening observations. The name of the routine originates from Jeffries’ own lactose intolerance, which is a clever centrepiece for the show.

Daniel Sloss: Live Shows

Dark humour is an acquired taste, but Daniel Sloss will help you get through it. His observational comedy somersaults down the rabbit hole, finding punchlines in the dark places of life. On top of this, Daniel has two stand-up specials on Netflix, part of his Live Shows collection. The other is titled Jigsaw, which finds the comedy in everyday observations.

Jack Whitehall: I’m Only Joking

Jack Whitehall (Bad Education and Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father) is famous for his cheeky and irreverent comedy, but that’s not to downplay his clever wit too. In I’m Only Joking, Jack discusses “titty milk”, the art of staying in hotels and an awkward story set in Berlin Airport. And he does it with as much grace and tact as he can muster. This special is definitely worth a gander, even if you’re not a fan of his already.

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: One Size Fits All

The master of whimsical voices, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias has made quite a name for himself in America. But his comedy stretches outwards to the world. And this Netflix special shows how accessible he really is. In One Size Fits All, Gabriel discusses his 19-year-old son who still lives at home, run-ins with celebrities and, not to forget, the Spanish language.

Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Ricky Gervais is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. And his Humanity special is no exception. Available now on Netflix, Ricky takes aim at celebrities, social justice warriors, and why he won’t have children – among other touchy subjects. But he doesn’t do it willy-nilly, he always brings logic to back up his to-the-point rhetoric, offering a new perspective – even if you don’t agree with it.

Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser

Fitting to the theme of her title, Urzila Carlson brings this hilarious pep talk about being an overqualified loser. Whether it’s the power of boxed wine, making your own sex tape or munching on a Bunnings’ sausage sizzle. She even attempts to recast TV Show “The Biggest Loser”. In Overqualified Loser, Urzila will show you why you’re a winner – and make you laugh a whole lot in the process.

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

Being 20 has its perks, but it can truly suck as well. And Taylor Tomlinson has lived experiences that she really wants to get off her chest. In Quarter-Life Crisis, Taylor talks about self-care, finding love and the awful reminder that she is too old to party and too young to start a family.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

The stereotype that Asian women are timid and shy is lost on Ali Wong – her comedy is bold, straight-talking and hilarious. First up, she tackles the simple fact that pregnant women can still do things, not least stand-up comedy. As well as unravelling her pregnancy, Ali opens up about sex, hoarding and her ideal goal of being a stay-at-home housewife.

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous At Radio City

John Mulaney voice and attire is so proper, that his tongue-in-cheek jokes will shock you just that little bit more. He’s got that 1960s radio voice, and the observational mind of a comedic genius. In Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, John Mulaney brings up high school memories, argues that college is not always worth it and ponders about getting older.

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Feature image: Photographed by Bogomil Mihaylov. Image via Unsplash.