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The 10 Best Rosé Wines to Try in 2022

The 10 Best Rosé Wines to Try in 2022. Photographed by Michael ZIMZIM. Image via Shutterstock.

Rosé your way around the world with these top-rated wines!

If you love to rosé all day, we’ve curated a list of the best rosé wines from around the world that are perfect for any picnic, afternoon soiree or just a refreshing tipple.

Scouring the globe, we’ve plucked out the best rosé wines from both reputable and popular Australian wine makers to more familiar and well-respected wine regions like Provence in France. All with underrated vineyards and wineries, this top-rated list is sure to find you the perfect accompaniment for any event.

Sophisticated and sure to tantalise your tastebuds; read on for the the best Rosé wines from around the world that you must try in 2022!

<strong>Angullong</strong> Fossil Hill Rosé
Image: Supplied

Angullong Fossil Hill Rosé

The best rosé doesn’t necessarily have to come from France; in fact, we believe it comes from New South Wales. Renowned for being one of the best Australian rosé wines, Angullong Fossil Hill Rosé is light in texture, and teeming with red berry fruits and touches of musk. It smells like an Australian summer, offering floral aromas hugged by citrusy undertones, with a palate that surprises with every sip. It is the perfect aperitif before a bustling multi-course meal or a wonderful accompaniment to a cheese platter.

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<strong>La Plancheliere</strong> Spritzed Rosé
Image via Dan Murphys.

La Plancheliere Spritzed Rosé

Pinch your cheeks this summer with a Spritzed Rosé in a can, thanks to French wine brand La Plancheliere. This bubbly rosé brings a harmonious blend of grenache and cinsault grapes with delicate notes of strawberries and raspberries. And with it being in a can, it makes a great addition to your next beachside picnic. That’s because it matches well with umami style nibbles, from freshly sliced meats to aged cheeses. A must try in 2022!

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<strong>42 Degrees South</strong> Sparkling Rosé
Image via Vintage Cellars website.

42 Degrees South Sparkling Rosé

Here’s another Australian made rosé wine that showcases great flavour and a perky amount of bubbles. Grown and bottled in the Coal River Valley of Tasmania, the 42 Degrees South Sparkling Rosé is salmon-pink in colour and full of zest. Made chiefly with pinot noir grapes, expect a flavour profile of red cherries and light strawberries on the nose, with a loaded palate of red berry fruits and a creamy, punchy finish. This rosé makes for a great celebratory drop!

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<strong>Mateus</strong> Rosé Original
Image via Vintage Cellars website.

Mateus Rosé Original

Meet one of the world’s most popular rosé wines, Mateus. Made in the temperate climates of Portugal, Mateus Rosé Original sports an incredibly unique bottle that is easy to find on the shelf. Despite the inexpensive price tag, it is still a top-rated wine. With a seductive bouquet of floral tones on the nose, it is youthful, vibrant and ever-so lightly carbonated for a delicious finish. Serve as an aperitif or pair with a hearty Portuguese meal.

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<strong>Bijou</strong> Terre de Providence Rosé
Image via Vintage Cellars

Bijou Terre de Providence Rosé

This is a French rosé without the hefty price tag. And it’s made in Provence! The Bijou Terre de Providence Rosé is a delicately still wine featuring bright aromas of berries, floral honeysuckle and citrus. The palate is light and crisp, rolling over the tongue with frivolity, and ending on a smooth finish. Just like all the rosés on this list, this wine is a perfect aperitif, but, if you must pair it, we recommend a simple poultry dish that’s not too overdone. A must buy in 2022!

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<strong>Postcards From Italy</strong> Organic Pinot Grigio Rosé
Image via Vintage Cellars

Postcards From Italy Organic Pinot Grigio Rosé

Produced in the coastal region of Veneto, Italy, this Organic Pinot Grigio Rosé is both light in texture and easy on the purse. You will witness a splashing pink hue, with aromatic scents of peach and apricot, along with a hint of ripe melon. This then follows through on the palate, bringing balanced acidity and crispiness. The Postcards From Italy Organic Pinot Grigio Rosé will have you hearing the calling gulls that scatter the canals of Venice.

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<strong>Born</strong> Rosé
Image via Vintage Cellars

Born Rosé

When one thinks of great rosé, our minds don’t usually travel to Spain. But please reconsider! Spain is a temperate wine region, with the ability to produce amazing wine of any colour. And the best is the Born Rosé, made with native tempranillo and grenache grapes in the coastal city of Barcelona. Expect aromas of cherry, strawberry and redcurrant that flow through to the palate sharing a juicy, mouth-watering finish. Best served chilled and on its own.

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<strong>Summerhouse</strong> Marlborough Pinot Rosé
Image via Vintage Cellars

Summerhouse Marlborough Pinot Rosé

We couldn’t do a list of the best rosé wines of 2022 without a New Zealand addition, and the Summerhouse Marlborough Pinot Rosé is the best bet. As with almost any Marlborough wine, expect a fruity, aromatic drop that is filled with floral tones. This beauty features watermelon and summer raspberry on the nose as well as a creamy, rich palate of fresh red berry and yellow stone fruits. Match with a few dozen oysters and you’ve got the better part of an afternoon soiree.

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<strong>Gérard Bertrand</strong> Côte des Roses Rosé
Image via Dan Murphys.

Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses Rosé

Gérard Bertrand’s Côte des Roses Rosé shares a blushing pink colour in a rather quirky bottle. It is made in the coastal region Languedoc-Roussillon, and captures the divinity of the land. Expect a summery bouquet on the nose, with hints of cassis, and a palate that is passionately full of freshly balanced fruits and acidity. It is light-bodied, making it a wonderful starter to your evening, or best matched with light foods such as oysters.

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<strong>Brown Brothers</strong> Sparkling Moscato Rosé
Image via Dan Murphy's website.

Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosé

If you love moscato and you’re new to trying rosé, Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosé is the perfect addition to your home cellar. Made in Victoria, this Australian rosé wine is light bodied, semi sweet and features lifted red berry aromas and an overall spicy perfume. Fruity, citrusy, sparkling and refreshing; this is a popular pick for 2022!

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Feature image: Photographed by Justin Aikin. Image via Unsplash.
This article was first published on December 24 2021. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on June 10 2022.