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The 10 Best Australian Made Wines For Winter 2021

Australia, it’s wine time this winter 2021!

Last year’s winter was quite cold, figuratively speaking. But, we’re in a better position this year – Australians can have sizeable dinner parties at home! And if there’s one thing that pairs well with dinner parties, it’s wine. Because nothing spurs gasbagging like a bottle or two of fermented juice.

Of course, the biggest conundrum here is choosing the right wine. Do you go red or white? Or a spot of bubbles perhaps? To answer this, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Australian made wines for winter 2021.

These wines will warm you up and smooth your senses while adding the perfect accompaniment to your next dinner party. Bottoms up!

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<strong>Manor Estate</strong> Sparkling Shiraz
Image: Supplied

Manor Estate Sparkling Shiraz

This Sparkling Shiraz is a fruit bomb of blackberry, cherry and blackcurrants, and is eloquently contrasted with the true dryness of a standard shiraz. The Manor Estate Sparkling Shiraz pours as a violet, frothy liquid and settles into a vivid, sparkling burgundy topped with a steady, violet mousse. Matched with well-peppered steaks and seasoned vegetables, you’ll be host to a truly VIP dinner party in no time.

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South Australia 39.00 per bottle
<strong>Castle Rock Estate</strong> Pinot Noir
Image via Dan Murphys

Castle Rock Estate Pinot Noir

The Castle Rock Estate Pinot Noir is an award-winning wine, brimming with sweet characters and offering a silky smooth touch on the palate. Expect a bouquet of strawberries and cherries, matched with complex and creamy gaminess. Fine tannins act like the icing on the cake, leaving a final pristine finish. Match this wine with an assortment of Asian dishes – from dumplings to sweet curries.

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New South Wales 35.99 per bottle
<strong>Smith & Hooper</strong> Merlot
Image via Boozebud

Smith & Hooper Merlot

A good merlot is dark and fruity, much like the Smith & Hooper Merlot which is deep cherry-red in colour. It’s a juicy concoction of morello cherry and blue fruits on the nose, followed by violets and dark chocolate. Even the tiniest sip can mark the bursting dark cherry and plum flavours, complemented with French oak. Enjoy now over a roast dinner or cellar for up to five years.

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South Australia 22.00 per bottle
<strong>Angullong</strong> Crossing Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Image via Angullong Vineyards

Angullong Crossing Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

When it comes to winter, nothing warms the soul quite like a bottle of red wine. But most especially the sweeter varieties, just like the Angullong Crossing Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Originating from the cool-climate region of Orange, this cabernet is well-balanced with a complex array of layers to pique curiosities. Matched with a platter of pungent cheeses and it will be a night to remember.

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New South Wales 48.00 per bottle
<strong>Robert Oatley Vineyards</strong> Signature Pinot Noir
Image via Boozebud

Robert Oatley Vineyards Signature Pinot Noir

Sample the flavoursome textures of the Yarra Valley through Robert Oatley Vineyards Signature Pinot Noir. This wine showcases varietal intensity thanks to wild strawberry and cherry, on a lightly savoury spectrum. The palate is vibrant and juicy, featuring a gentle French oak influence, making for  a perfect addition to any dinner party. Best served with a casserole.

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Victoria 17.50 per bottle
<strong>Patina</strong> Chardonnay
Image via Patina Wines

Patina Chardonnay

Orange, New South Wales is a wonderfully continental wine region, bringing full-flavoured wines to the forefront. Just like the Patina Wines Chardonnay featuring hints of toasted marshmallow and roasted yellow nectarines. The moreish mixture of flavours then balances out to create an explosive palate, topped with a squeeze of lemon for added tang. Best served with thirsty friends or cellared for up to six years.

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New South Wales 40.00 per bottle
<strong>Natural Wine Co.</strong> Sauvignon Blanc
Image via Dan Murphys

Natural Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc

Organic wine is made without the use of fertilisers, pesticides or any other chemicals. Just water and lots of love. The Natural Wine Co. specialises in this wine type with their organic Sauvignon Blanc – an aromatic wine featuring prominent tropical fruit characters like passionfruit, melon, pineapple and grapefruit. The flavours of the bouquet follow onto the palate, combining with some fresh, zippy acidity.

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New South Wales 16.99 per bottle
<strong>Take It To The Grave</strong> Grenache
Image via Cellarmasters

Take It To The Grave Grenache

Some secrets are best taken to the grave, much like whatever secrets lie in Take It To The Grave’s winemaking processes. Their wines are made to be interesting and to challenge the rules around winemaking protocols. Much like this medium-bodied Grenache that is partially hand-harvested following an exceptional vineyard, water and canopy management. The result? A bright wine fit for any occasion.

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South Australia 106.00 per case of six
<strong>The Ethereal One</strong> Fleurieu Sangiovese
Image via Dan Murphys

The Ethereal One Fleurieu Sangiovese

Ethereal means something that is extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world. And at The Ethereal One, a classic example of this is their Fleurieu Sangiovese. It is a remarkable Sangiovese, exploding with aromas of strawberries, raspberries and anise with hints of the earthy, forest floor. Dominated by red fruits, this hearty wine is best served with tomato-based spaghetti recipes.

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South Australia 15.99 per bottle
<strong>Huntington Estate</strong> Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Image via Huntington Estate

Huntington Estate Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

The year 2015 was a quaint year, when the climate settled into something normal, resulting in a good harvest for the winemakers of Mudgee, New South Wales. At the top of their range is their Huntington Estate Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, featuring a deep, complex and yet marvellously balanced mix of blackcurrant, licorice, and five-spice on the nose, with dark fruits and punchy tannins on the palate. Best served after an enriching day. 

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New South Wales 45.00 per bottle

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Feature image: Photographed by Kym Ellis. Image via Unsplash.
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