The Australian craft beer brewing legends have done it again!

Reducing your alcohol intake has never been easier thanks to Modus Operandi’s tasty new non alcoholic beer, NORT, serving you quality craft beer without the compromise.

The ‘modus operandi’ at this award-winning Australian craft beer brewery is ‘Beer First, No Shortcuts.’ And they have definitely delivered on their promise with a zero alcohol, 100% exquisitely crafted beer, released nationally to beer drinkers this Wednesday 23 September 2020.

NORT Refreshing Ale is the brainchild of the co-owner behind the Modus Operandi husband and wife team, Jaz Wearin. Since 2014, Jaz has brought Australian beer drinkers some of the most awarded and praised craft beers from the Modus brand.

The idea behind this new product was not to simply offer an alternative to the designated drivers amongst us, but as a carefully considered decision to provide a satisfying solution for an increasingly health conscious society.

Jaz says, “We have all witnessed the rapid growth of the health and wellbeing space in the last few years as people look for alternatives. My mates balance serious craft beer with non-alcoholic beers at BBQ’s so they can drive back for a big day of work the next day without missing out.”

The desire to find more balance in life is something Jaz experienced first-hand, juggling the busy life that comes with being a parent, managing their family owned Mona Valley brewery while simultaneously co-ordinating the opening of a new brewpub in Newcastle.

“After a big day, I wanted to be able to sit down and relax over a frosty and flavourful beer with family and friends and still get up and get on with my life the next, that’s why I created NORT.”

Jaz found that while there are many alcohol-free beers available, they often lack the pleasure and complexity of a traditional craft beer.

Modus Operandi worked hard to create a unique recipe that combines exceptional plant-based ingredients with a robust brewing process to craft a low calorie, non-alcoholic beer that holds its own against its alcohol equivalent.

Passionate about beer drinkers not having to compromise on flavour when opting for zero alcohol; quite simply, the team at Modus Operandi want to help Australians ‘enjoy more beer, more flavour, more freedom and more out of life.’

Modus Operandi’s NORT Refreshing Ale launches nationally Wednesday 23 September 2020, and is available at Dan Murphy’s, BWS and leading independent bottle shops and grocers from mid-September.

<strong>Modus Operandi</strong> NORT Refreshing Ale
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Modus Operandi NORT Refreshing Ale

A thirst quenching and easy drinking non-alcoholic beer, Modus Operandi’s NORT Refreshing Ale is golden in colour with a delightfully fruity aroma that holds a perfect amount of subtle bitterness with a refreshingly cool crisp finish.

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Featured image: supplied by Modus Operandi Brewing Co.