You’ve said goodbye to Dry July but now you’re needing something to get you by?

Seedlip, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit blossomed onto the scene in 2015 all thanks to Ben Branson, his English countryside home and his handy copy of John French’s The Art of Distillation (1651).

After taking the world by storm with its charismatic line of non-alcoholic spirits – Garden 108, Spice 94 and Grove 42 – Seedlip has now graced Aussies with its newest concoction; three, ready-to-drink premixes.

The new canned tonics will, of course, pay tribute to Seedlip’s goal of changing how the world drinks, whilst reassuring dry drinkers that they don’t have to comprimise on taste.

The three ready-to-drink premixes – Seedlip Grove 42 & Lemongrass Tonic, Seedlip Garden 108 & Cucumber Tonic and Seedlip Spice 94 & Grapefruit Tonic – have already been trending across the UK and now, as Dry July has come to a close, Australians will have the opportunity to not only extend their break or reduction in alcohol, but enjoy their non-alcoholic options just that bit more.

Refreshing and unique to say the least, these non-alcoholic alternatives steer clear of the traditional and overly fruity mocktails, instead, providing an enticing blend of natural flavours that puts the excitement back into non-alcoholic beverages. And for the usual Gin and Tonic lovers, just remember, these are still, in fact, beautifully botanic tonics. Minus the gin.

Starting off with Seedlip Grove 42 & Lemongrass Tonic, drinkers will find a celebration of citrus blends including bitter orange, mandarin, blood orange, lemongrass, ginger and lemon. Next, for those who love nothing more than the smell of an English garden, Seedlip Garden 108 & Cucumber Tonic is your drink of choice with its bewitching blend of rosemary, thyme, spearmint and hops. Of course, to end the trio, Seedlip Spice 94 & Grapefruit Tonic ensures that Jamaican allspice berries, cardamom, oak, lemon and grapefruit peel can be easily enjoyed one sip at a time.

Of course, drinking straight from the can is advised, however, the team at Seedlip also recommends pouring your premix over ice in a glass and adding a garnish to suit your tonic – whether that be an orange wheel, a grapefruit peel or even a snap pea.

Seedlip’s Asia Pacific general manager, Adam Ballesty, said, “Australians love an RTD [ready-to-drink], so Seedlip as the leader in non-alcoholics has launched the RTD range to support the growing trend for healthier lifestyles in a simple and convenient way. Seedlip on the go means more opportunities to drink, whether it’s at a BBQ with friends, at a beach picnic or post-yoga class. Providing consumers with quality non-alcoholic options is key for us and we saw an opportunity to grow our offering without compromising the iconic Seedlip taste. The attractive price point we believe will bring new users into this already growing category.” 

On top of that, Seedlip’s new ready-to-drink range has been released at the perfect time as studies from The Australian National University have shown that thanks to COVID-19 and the additional anxiety and psychological distress we’re all experiencing, alcohol consumption has increased by 20%.

The three Seedlip & Tonic premixed cans are available at Dan Murphy’s for $18.99 per four-pack.

Want to learn more about non-alcohols spirits? Get to learn more here about Seedlip – the drink to drink when you’re not drinking. Looking for more zero-alcohol options? We’ve curated a list of 8 Australian Made Non-Alcoholic Drinks for you to try.

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