Never have we ever said “hello” to a bottle of wine as much as we have this year…

But now, we’re literally saying Hello! to a very friendly vegan drop – Hello! wine.

The Aussie-made splash has been lovingly crafted using high-quality South Australian grapes, and without any traces of animal products, making it the perfect new wine that’s easy on the palate and pairs sensationally well with vegan dishes.

“With so many people now opting for a vegan diet, we decided it was time to produce a great tasting vegan-friendly wine to complement the fantastic range of vegan meals that so many people are currently enjoying.  Now, when you tuck into your lovely vegan lunch or dinner, you can sit back and relax knowing your entire meal is vegan-friendly,” said Ross Marshall, general manager, Fourth Wave Wine.

Better yet, we’ve not been spoiled with just one new vegan drop, but four including the Hello! Pinot Grigio with aromas of nashi pear and citrus; the Hello! Pinot Noir that is best paired with stuffed mushrooms; the Hello! Shiraz a vibrant drop with bold fruit and exotic spice; and our favourite of the lot, the Hello! Rosé.

Image of a Hello! Rosé wine bottle against a wooden serving board surrounded by delicious crackers, fresh fruit and cheese. Image supplied

Our new favourite vegan Aussie drop, Hello! Rosé 2020. Image supplied.

Why are we such big fans of the rosé?  We’re glad you asked because, to be frank, we’re not ‘regular‘ rosé-adorers, but the Hello! Rosé took us aback. We were pleasantly surprised by its delicate blend of grenache and shiraz grapes, vibrant red berries and notes of raspberry, as well as a wonderful lingering of white flowers, rose petals and a charming dark spice. Hello! Rosé is super light, yet bursts with a long-lasting flavour that continues to shine after each sip. This drop is perfect for every upcoming spring or summer picnic we’ve got planned. Big call, we know, but it’s worth the try.

What is a vegan wine?

The usually ‘non-vegan’ process occurs during the final part of winemaking, called the fining. Fining is the polishing and presentation where wine gets its final buff and preen before being consigned to the bottle. Wines prior to bottling contain a number of unsightly molecules, giving it a cloudy look, so the job of the fining is to eradicate these unwanted nasties so the wine is as seamless as possible.

When a label says, “may contain traces of animal products” that refers to the animal products used to make a wine glisten. Strangely the best products that make a wine appear clean and clear are egg white (albumin), milk (casein) and animal proteins (gelatin). Hello! wine uses several common fining agents alternatives, such as carbon, bentonite clay and limestone – these all replicate the other more traditional agents but are happily vegan friendly.

Hello! is available from major liquor retailers nationally RRP $13.99.   For further information, visit the Fourth Wave Wine website #nowthatsfriendly.

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