The city of Geelong, in Victoria’s south-west, has topped Jimmy Brings’ list of Australia’s biggest beer loving suburb.

Located over an hour out of Melbourne’s CBD, Geelong is a suburb in Victoria’s heart usually famed for its craft beer breweries, lawn bowls clubs and, unsurprisingly, vanilla slices.

However, this year, Geelong is topping our list for other reasons. Making up just over 40 per cent of suburb drink sales in all of Australia, welcome to Geelong: the home of the biggest beer lovers in Australia!

Awarded by Jimmy Brings – Australia’s largest and fastest on-demand delivery service – the announcement was made after new data was collected in hopes to reveal which Australians are the most thirsty for a cold one.

Taking the crown for when it comes to the highest proportion of beer orders in Australia, Geelong was followed closely by Newcastle in New South Wales (39.7 per cent) and Australia’s 2022 Town of the Year, Launceston in Tasmania (38.2 per cent).

Despite Victorians taking a liking to craft Australian beer, Tasmanians to full strength beer, Queenslanders to mid strength and New South Welshman, South Australians and West Australians favouring premium international beer, in 2022 lager was the most ordered category of beer via the Jimmy Brings app.

Surprisingly, Jimmy Brings also revealed that in the last quarter of 2022 alone, ginger beer sales increased by a whopping 27 per cent nationwide – coinciding with the current booze-free movement of Dry January and Febfast.

Head of Jimmy Brings, Luke Calavassy says demand for beer is expected to continue growing in 2023, particularly in categories such as ginger beer and fruity beer, based on recent sales results and new consumers entering the category. “Australian drinking preferences constantly evolve and in recent years, we have seen this across the beer category. Our data is showing us that customers are more adventurous with their beer selections, and willing to try something new. There has been a lot of innovation across the beer category recently and we are seeing customers really get behind the new options available to them” Mr Calavassy says.

So whether you’ve forgotten to bring something to a mates BBQ, you’re watching a movie at home, wanting to try something new or you’re a self-confessed beer connoisseur wanting a cold one or two, Jimmy Brings promises to deliver only the best beer in minutes. Trust us.

Better yet, Jimmy Brings is offering a FREE bottle of bubbles for every new customer’s first order by using the code “BUBBLES“. Terms and conditions apply.

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Feature image: Photographed by Giovanna Gomes. Image via Unsplash.
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