Spirits aren’t for breaking. They’re for drinking. And the only way to stop winter breaking your spirit is with f̶r̶u̶i̶t̶  fruit-infused spirits.

These drops will certainly take the cold out of this season. Better yet, they’re all Aussie.

Larrikin Cherry Lush Gin

FRUIT: Cherries
COST: $85
DISTILLED: Ballarat, Victoria

You dirty r̶o̶t̶t̶e̶n̶ fruity Scoundrel. Yep, the Aussie team behind Larrikin Gin have done it again, this time bringing us the Cherry Lush. The iconic Scoundrel gin has been blended with morello cherries and sweet cherries locally sourced from Red Hill Cherry Farm in Victoria. The deep, intense-coloured morello and sweet cherries have been soaked in the premium gin until they were absolutely ready to burst with lascivious intent, to create the ruby red Cherry Lush. Whilst bold in flavour, the new gin concoction can be enjoyed either straight or mixed, serving as the perfect addition to your favourite fruit cocktails. We suggest including it in Scoundrel’s “Hostest with the Mostest” cocktail, which consists of 45mL Larrikin Cherry Lush Gin, 15mL Cointreau⁠, 15mL lime juice⁠, 22.5mL cranberry juice⁠ and 45mL pineapple juice – the perfect cocktail to make you forget about winter. ⁠


Starward Two-Fold Whisky

FRUIT:  Apple & Pineapple
COST: $65
DISTILLED: Port Melbourne, Victoria

A double grain whisky that is entirely matured in signature Australian red wine barrels – Starward, you have our attention. The much-loved Australian Whisky have created a rich, complex and flavour-forward whisky by marrying two very Aussie grains: wheat and malted barley. The intense yet smooth whisky reflects the maturation process in Melbourne’s reactive climate, making it the perfect drop to sit back and sip on. The scent is of spiced vanilla and fresh tropical fruit, while the taste evokes hints of Fuji apples, roasted pineapple, lightly toasted oak with a soft tannic finish. If that doesn’t take your mind away from the cold, what will?


Four Pillars, Bloody Shiraz Gin

FRUIT: Plum & Blackberry
COST: $85
DISTILLED: Healesville, Victoria

It’s safe to say that for Hunter and Bligh, our favourite thing about winter is the new release of Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin. Because who doesn’t love shiraz? And who doesn’t love gin? The fifth vintage release has proven to be one of the best, with 2019 being a terrific season for Victorian cool-climate shiraz. Thanks to a good spring rain in 2018, followed by a scorching summer, the latest release resulted in more dominant dark fruit notes than previous years – tons of delicious plum and blackberry. From your first sip, you’ll taste pine forest gin notes, whiter pepper, berry fruits and spices. The gin is beautifully balanced with a delicious fruit-driven sweetness and nice tannins to finish. We highly recommend drinking this one on its own over ice or with a splash of lemon tonic.


BRIX, Rumming with the Devil

FRUIT: Raisins
DISTILLED: Surry Hills, Sydney

Still feel like ice-cream during winter? Probably not, even though it is delicious. However, that could be a thing of the past (even if just a few weeks). Sydney’s rum distillery, Brix has partnered with the team behind Young Henrys Brewery to release a ravishing rum and raisin brown ale called “Rumming with the Devil”. The very adult, limited-edition beverage will quench your ice-cream cravings with the classic taste of rum and raisin. Its solid malt bill creates a rich, toasty, biscuity flavour and aroma with hints of cocoa and spice. Brix has literally soaked Aussie raisins in Brix White Rum and combined it with craft beer. It may sound a little strange, but it very much works.  The new splash will be on tap at Brix Distillers Surry Hills, Young Henrys Newtown as well as selected bars and pubs across the country from Thursday 11 July.


Cape Grim 666 Vodka – Wattleseed Coffee

FRUIT: Orange (at least a little)
COST: $63.99 – $74.99
DISTILLED: Cape Grim, Tasmania

Ok, this one pushes the fruit rule, but we couldn’t leave it out. The Tasmanian Vodka distillery, Cape Grim 666, is one of the country’s finest, hidden away in a sanctuary of wild forests, windswept hills and rugged coastline. This is also the place where the world’s first cold filtered coffee vodka was born. Yes, coffee isn’t fruit, but this signature drop has a delicious bitter orange flavour which lets us get away with it… Partnering with speciality coffee producer St. ALi, the team have developed a blend of beans tailored to the natural character of 666 vodka. On the nose, the vodka conjures an aroma of freshly roasted coffee and toasted wattleseed with subtle hints of toffee, cocoa nibs, liquorice root and bitter orange. The first sip is earthy and full-bodied with a bittersweet warmth that lingers on the palate.