Melbourne’s wine scene is bursting with character – from hidden gems with a cosy vibe, to chic urban hideaways boasting extensive cellars.

Looking for the perfect spot to sip and swirl your way through a night out in Melbourne? Well grab your wine glass and let’s toast to Melbourne’s most sensational wine bars!

Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or just a wine enthusiast ready to explore, we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of Melbourne’s wine bars. So, let’s uncork the fun and dive into the delightful world of Melbourne’s best wine bars! Cheers to good times and even better wines!

<strong>Bellota Wine Bar</strong>
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Bellota Wine Bar

While nestled in South Melbourne, Bellota Wine Bar feels closer to a slice of European culinary excellence that showcases the great wines of the world. Located next to the Prince Wine Store, Bellota makes full use of the massive selection on offer from its sister business: this seasonal selection of red and white from Napa Valley to Barossa Valley means there’s always something to whet your whistle. And with sublime minimalist furnishings, this is perfect for enjoying a glass of the some of the best wines from Australia and around the world!

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181 Bank St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205

<strong>City Wine Shop</strong>
Photographed by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič. Image via Unsplash.

City Wine Shop

Described as a journey through the Rhone Valley to taste some of Frances’s most approachable wines, City Wine Shop right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD is your next favourite wine bar. Blending a bottle shop, wine bar and bistro, since their opened in 2004, this European-style bar is a celebration of chardonnay, riesling, and pinot gris imported from many of the most renowned wine regions in France. Any wine you love can also be purchased from the bar, letting you take those refined flavours back home. So grab some friends this afternoon and make your way to this Melbourne wine institution.

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159 Spring St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Featuring an intimate atmosphere and exceptional wine selection, Embla stands out as one of Melbourne’s premier wine bars. This cosy and unpretentious setting is perfect for both casual gatherings and special occasions, letting you sip and escape from the troubles of everyday life. Its carefully curated wine list features local and international selections, with a focus on natural and minimal-intervention wines that delight both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Paired with a delectable menu of seasonal, wood-fired dishes, Embla is truly one of the best wine bars in Melbourne.

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122 Russell St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

<strong>Kirk's Wine Bar</strong>
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Kirk's Wine Bar

Kirk’s Wine Bar is a beloved fixture in Melbourne’s vibrant wine scene, renowned for its charming European-inspired ambiance and superb wine offerings. Located in a bustling laneway, it captures the essence of Melbourne’s unique blend of sophistication and laid-back charm. The extensive wine list showcases a thoughtfully curated selection of both local and international wines regardless of what you’re in the mood for. Afterwork drinks have never been so relaxing than a night at Kirk’s Wine Bar.

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46 Hardware Ln, Melbourne, VIC 3000

<strong>Lilac Wine</strong>
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Lilac Wine

Melbourne’s eclectic wine bar scene has plenty of great contenders, Lilac Wine stands out with a modern and elegant space that exudes sophistication. Situated in the vibrant Southbank, Lilac Bar boasts a meticulously curated wine list that emphasises quality small producers and unique varietals from around the world. The knowledgeable and friendly staff enhance the experience, making Lilac Bar a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts in Melbourne. One of the best wine bars in Melbourne!

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31 Stephenson St, Cremorne, VIC 3121

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Of course Fitzroy would house one of the best wine bars in Melbourne. Marion offers an impressive wine selection and culinary excellence, wrapped inside a stylish interior. Marion’s extensive wine list, featuring a diverse array of local and international labels, caters to all palates, from novices to aficionados. This dedication to quality extends to its food menu, which includes thoughtfully crafted dishes that pair perfectly with the wines on offer. And with a warm and relaxing atmosphere, this is an ideal spot for casual get-togethers and special celebrations.

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53 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Photographed by Gabriella Clare Marino. Image via Unsplash.


Melbourne’s wine bar Waxflower blends the charm of a cosy neighbourhood spot with the sophistication of a top-tier wine bar, creating an inviting space for patrons to relax and unwind. Waxflower’s wine list is carefully curated, featuring an exciting mix of natural and biodynamic wines that cater to adventurous palates. And for those wanting a little livelier atmosphere, its vinyl DJ sets and live performances make Waxflower a dynamic and memorable experience for wine enthusiasts and culture seekers alike!

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153 Weston St, Brunswick, VIC 3057

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Feature image: Photographed by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič. Image via Unsplash.