3,000 Sydneysiders are expected to ‘scream like Goku’ at Sydney Opera House this weekend, with over 9,000 extra listed as “interested”.

The upcoming event follows on from one which happened in the USA under the same theme, where 20 students banded together and emptied their lungs.



But unlike the 20 screamers above, Sydney Opera House is expected to receive a whole lot more.

Event host Jason Go said he never expected the event to garner over thousands of people.

“I was really stoked when five people actually clicked ‘going’, then from that it became out of control,” he said. “But hey, the more the merrier.”

“I’ll just let everyone have fun and scream their lungs out til their hair turns yellow.”

The 22-year-old also joked he hopes the event will get over 9,000 people, paying homage to a popular Dragon Ball Z meme that surfaced in 2006.

While it’s not illegal for thousands of revellers to congregate on the steps of the Opera House and belt their lungs out, it does raise the issue of safety. But Jason says that other than an attendee turning into Super Saiyan, he has little concern about the crowd size.

“It’s a safe and fun gathering for Dragonball fans to have fun and meet new friends, maybe even their soulmates,” he said.

“This event was created for the sole purpose of just having a good time and something for everyone to remember.”

As well as the Opera House getting their fair share of screaming Dragonball fans, Hyde Park is also set to have it’s own event on September 23 at midnight.

NSW Police and Sydney Opera House were asked for comment, but have declined.

The ‘scream like Goku at the Opera House’ event will be live and loud on the steps of Australia’s famous landmark at 4pm, Saturday September 9.

Throat lozenges are recommended.