If you thought that visiting your local Cafe Terrace at Night was the only fun you’d have this year, then think again.

Opening its doors this Friday (18 September 2020), Sydney’s Royal Hall of Industries – adjacent to the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park – will be showcasing one of the world’s most acclaimed and visited multi-sensory experiences, Van Gogh Alive.

The strictly limited exhibition that’s available to the public up until Sunday 22 November 2020 will ensure that not only will art lovers and admirers of Vincent van Gogh’s work be able to transport themselves into what feels like the artworks themselves, but, it will be done so in a COVID-safe manner.

Previously touring 50 cities around the world including Hong Kong, Rome, Milan, Berlin and Moscow; now, the multi-sensory experience which has caught the eye of over six million guests will be residing in Moore Park allowing Sydney art lovers to immerse themselves into this tantalising installation that showcases and brings to life some of Van Gogh’s internationally-recognised art pieces.

From start to finish, visitors are surrounded by a vibrant symphony of light, colour, sound and fragrance that has been called an ‘unforgettable’ multi-sensory experience.

Allowing guests to walk into his paintings, Van Gogh Alive simultaneously creates an enchanting, entertaining and educational installation for a range of audiences. Of course, Sydneysiders will be able to discover unique perspectives and examine artworks from a range of new angles including a behind-the-scenes look into Van Gogh’s sources of inspiration.

“Van Gogh Alive presents Vincent van Gogh and his work in an entirely different, contemporary light. It is one of the most immersive and sharable experiences I’ve ever seen. The fact that it is absolutely no-touch makes it ideal in today’s COVID-aware climate,” says Emma Triggs, Founder and CEO of the M Agency and Promoter of Van Gogh Alive at M- Live.

“We hope everyone enjoys this amazing multi-sensory exhibition. It’s a great opportunity to experience art in a completely new way and to reconnect with creative culture in a safe space.” 

And, for a taste of what is in store, Van Gogh Alive uses Grande Exhibitions’ state-of-the-art SENSORY4TM system that combines multi-channel motion graphics beamed through up to 40 high-definition projectors with cinema-quality surround sound. Set to an evocative classical score and scale, visitors will be able to analyse the vivid details behind Van Gogh’s work – including the intricate brush strokes – thanks to the thrilling display of over 3,000 enormous crystal-clear images that are beamed across walls, columns and floors.

Van Gogh Alive
Where: Royal Hall of Industries – 1 Driver Ave, Moore Park, NSW 2021
When: Friday 18 September – Sunday 22 November 2020
Cost: Children from $15, Adults $30
For more information: Van Gogh Alive

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