Longing for an island escape? We’ve found it.

Lombok is one of Indonesia’s most favourable islands surrounded by pristine beaches, bewitching waterfalls, untouched jungle and of course, Indonesia’s second-highest volcano, Mount Rinjani. It is found an hour and a half east off Bali’s coast

Described as Bali’s hidden sister island, Lombok isn’t as populated, however, travellers will soon find that Lombok shares a range of delights waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Partnering with Wyndham Destinations, we’ve found the top five things to do during your stay in Lombok:

Swim through the Reefs

If visitors to Lombok are in search of a strand of reefs to explore, look no further than the Gili Islands found on the northwest coast. Accessible via a short ferry ride, the archipelago is comprised of a group of three islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno Island and Gili Air. Perfect for exploring the bewitching coastline with jaw-dropping views of the surrounding multi blue-hued waters. Also known as the turtle capital of the world, the Gili Islands are comprised of a combination of remote beaches and strands of coral reefs inundated with wild sea life. The most notable swimming destinations perfect for snorkelling and exploring the reefs are Gili Trawangan’s Halik Reef, Shark Point and Goodheart Reef, Gili Meno’s Bounty Pier wreck and Meno Wall dive as well as Gili Air’s Haan’s Reef and the Gili Air Wall. Here divers will be able to spot adult turtles, manta rays and reef sharks to name a few.

Climb a Volcano

If exploring Lombok by foot is more of interest, travellers cannot pass up the opportunity to hike through the surrounding scenery”s. Lombok’s only active volcano, Mount Rinjani stands at 3726 metres tall and last erupted in 2016. Today, travellers and locals venture to Mount Rinjani’s crater rim, Sembalun which is accessible in one day of hiking. Next, to conquer Mount Rinjani’s summit, hikers will test their fitness by climbing brutally steep sections – but the climb will be worth the work thanks to the complementary view of Segara Anak, a charismatic aquamarine lake located in the mountains crater. Regardless of the hiking trails available, it’s recommended you tackle the trek with the help from a local guide.

Chase Waterfalls

No trip to Lombok is complete without visiting a waterfall or two. Usually submerged by dense jungle and astonishing rock formations, there’s no denying that Indonesia’s waterfalls are most certainly like no other. Our first pick is Sindang Gila Waterfall found north of Lombok just outside Mount Rinjani National Park and accessed via the hiking trails. Although a popular tourist option, Sindang Gila is surrounded by a bewitching fern-hung grotto and mossy rocks. Otherwise, for a more intimate feel, the nearby Tiu Kelep is the perfect reward after some short jungle hiking. Despite its rocky forefront, Tiu Kelep features a cascading stream that leads to a deep pool at the bottom.

Visit a Palace

If you’re ready to see how the royals do it, then consider a visit to Lombok’s Pura Agung Narmada – a historic royal park that was once the home to the rulers of the Mataram kingdom. Today, Narmada is renowned for its countless bathing pools, natural springs and on-site temple Pura Kelasa. Originally designed to mirror Mount Rinjani, today Pura Agung Narmada is perfect for travellers to explore by themselves or with the help of a local guide to make the most of your palace experience.

Visit the Beaches

Considering that Lombok is an island, there will always be countless options when searching for the perfect beach. Thankfully, we’ve been able to track down three of Lombok’s finest oasis’ perfect for lazing, swimming, and, of course, enjoying a piña colada or two. Firstly, the tourist-friendly Pantai Aan Beach is found south of the island in Tanjung and features surrounding rolling mountains that encapsulate the white sand and crystal blue waters. Almost 30 minutes west, travellers will then find Mawun Beach in Nusa Tenggara which is located in a cove-like structure with surrounding hilly headlands. Described as a more remote beach experience, Mawun Beach also features an overlooking, hikeable lookout, Bukit Mawun Bertingkat, which soars over the city. Last but certainly not least, is Pink Beach – a name that speaks for itself. With crystal-clear waters and naturally red-hued sanded shores, this is the perfect destination for wanderlust seekers and beach lovers in the earlier hours of the day. It is found on the south coast of Lombok

Feature image: Lombok Pink Beach. Photographed by Aqwam Hizbal Muhshiy. Image via Shutterstock