Australia, pack your bags and set off on a visual adventure!

In a time when our thirst for Australian travel is just starting to be replenished, these three Australian photographers are helping to inspire our love for adventure, wanderlust. Get ready to be charmed by unique and charismatic destinations that only make Australia the place we call home.

So whether you’re already packing your bags to head off on your next getaway or you simply want to be bewitched by the magic of these photographs, let these Australian nature photographers take you there.

Alex Kydd

If you’re looking for a photographer that takes their images to new depths; meet Alex Kydd.  A full time underwater and wildlife photographer, Kydd is originally from Melbourne but now based on the west coast of Australia in Ningaloo Reef. After studying marine biology, Alex developed his passion for photography after working on the Great Barrier Reef in 2015. Now, five years on, Alex spends (most of) his time underwater, transporting viewers from the screen to the serene.

Although they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, Alex’s photographs are so much more. Using a free-diving technique for his shots (that’s when you rely on holding your breath until you resurface- no scuba gear!). Alex has also been assigned as the ambassador for SunButter Suncare – a coral reef safe sunscreen. Regardless of what Alex is doing or where he is based, his work is all part of his mission to showcase the beauty of our oceans – whether that be circled by jellyfish on an Indonesian island, up close and personal with reef sharks in The Bahamas or exploring the mystical crevices of coral gardens on Ningaloo Reef.

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Allysha Cartledge 

Born in Perth,  Allysha Cartledge is an aerial photographer, now based in Broome, who uses a birds-eye perspective transporting viewers on a tantalising journey. Growing up, Allysha has always had a gift for the creative things in life – whether that be drawing, painting or exploring nature and the environment around her. Today, Allysha has combined her childhood dreams to shape most of her work and to also help her understand an array of wildlife to ignite her passion.

Often to be found along Western Australia’s Kimberley Region, there’s no doubt that her surroundings play a significant role for her photography. Allysha continues by saying that, “my passion for aerial photography has grown immensely since being here – the unique Kimberley landscape continues to inspire me.” From starting off with a camera in 2013, five years later Allysha was introduced to drone photography and was instantly hooked and has been ever since. Transporting not only her art’s admirers but also herself through the wings of her camera in order to gain a unique perspective and outlook on places never seen before.

Besides her tantalising portfolio of photography and video work, Allysha is also currently in the process of expanding her knowledge on digital art. In the meantime, let Allysha paint the picture for you.

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Scotty Pass

Looking for a medium to evoke your insatiable need to explore far and wide? Look no further.

From the breathtaking waterfalls of the Northern Territory to the dense rainforests of Indonesia, peaking the grand and rigid landscape of New Zealand and circling around the crystal clear waters of Vanuatu; regardless of your choice of scenery, let Scotty Pass take you there from the lens of his camera.

Showcasing the wealth of travel experiences which the world has to offer, Scotty is an Australian travel marketing creative with a taste for adventure. As a digital creative, Scotty spends his time dedicated to showcasing some of the world’s greatest travel experiences and destinations. Found somewhat permanently on the Sunshine Coast, although Scotty spends most of his working day packing his bags and stamping off his passport and documenting some of the most dreamy locations around the world, he loves nothing more than touring around this charismatic country we live in. Since starting his career in 2015, Scotty Pass has since created his personal travel blog to share his adventures with readers through travel tips, destination guides and inspiration.

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