From take-off to your return landing, explore in style with this essential guide to the top travel accessories!

Passport, check. Itinerary, check. Tickets, check.

The flights have been finalised, the accommodation is booked, and your sightseeing list is sorted. Now what? Before you pack your bag, it’s important to ensure that you are equip with all of the right travel gear to get you from point A to point B in style.

Whether it’s a long-haul flight or a short weekend getaway, we’ve compiled a list of the best, must have travel accessories. From packing cubes to the latest noise cancelling headphones, passport holders and even an Australian made chafing stick, this list will be your travelling saviour. Thank us later!

<strong>Globite</strong> Voyager Packing Cube 4pc
Image via THE ICONIC website.

Globite Voyager Packing Cube 4pc

We get it, packing is stressful. And, after you’ve packed, there’s nothing more annoying than sorting through your suitcase trying to find that one item you need. Enter Globite’s Voyager Packing Cubes. Available in nine colours, these packing cubes let you pack and sort with ease. Featuring mesh panels, two-way zips and handles, the Globite Voyager Packing Cubes are lightweight, foldable, washable and perfect for organising. A must have travel accessory!

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<strong>JBL</strong> Tour Pro 2
Image via The Good Guys website.

JBL Tour Pro 2

The tickets have been booked, the suitcase is sorted, and the passport is packed. Now what? Although your flights, accommodation and tours may be ready, it’s the journey to your destination that can make or break your trip. Enter the JBL Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds. With noise cancelling functions and a built-in microphone, where these earbuds standout is its easy functionality and incredible sound. Perfect for movie watching or music listening, the JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds will be your trusted travel companion!

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<strong>KeySmart</strong> STATIK 45W BlitzCharge Dual Power Adapter
Image via THE ICONIC website.

KeySmart STATIK 45W BlitzCharge Dual Power Adapter

On your next getaway you can finally leave your hoard of power adapters at home thanks to KeySmart’s STATIK Dual Power Adapter. With the ability to charge multiple devices at once with its USB and USB-C compatibility (Apple, Samsung and Google), the STATIK Dual Power Adapter includes multiple adapters so you can power up in the USA, EU, UK and Australia. Plus, with seven times more power than standard phone chargers, you’ll be on the go in no time!

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<strong>Natralus</strong> Superfood Hand Cream Repair
Image via Natralus website.

Natralus Superfood Hand Cream Repair

There’s hand cream, and then there’s Natralus’ Superfood Hand Cream Repair. Infused with an exotic blend of pomegranate, goji berries and shea butter, the Superfood Hand Cream Repair promises an intense hydration with long-lasting results – the ultimate care your hands need when on the go. Rejuvenating, restoring and repairing, your hands, cuticles and nails will be healthier and softer thanks to Natralus.

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<strong>Oroton</strong> Jemima Passport Sleeve
Image via Oroton website.

Oroton Jemima Passport Sleeve

Meet the Jemima Passport Sleeve by Oroton, one of the best travel accessories for your next trip. Made from pebble leather, this passport wallet features a faux fused lining and foil embossed logo. The perfect travel companion, the Oroton Jemima Passport Sleeve has two internal pockets that can hold up to two passports securely. An essential travel accessory, this item will ensure that you never leave your passport behind!

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<strong>Silk Magnolia</strong> Silk Travel Sized Pillow and Eye Mask
Image via THE ICONIC website.

Silk Magnolia Silk Travel Sized Pillow and Eye Mask

Sleep in style on your next long-haul flight thanks to Silk Magnolia’s Silk Travel Sized Pillow and Eye Mask kit. Made from 100% mulberry silk, this chic set comes with a travel sized pillow (with pillowcase), an oversized eye mask to block out the light, and a silk pouch housing. Cosy, comfy and ultra luxurious, not only will you wake up feeling refreshed, but your skin will be glowing and ready to take on the next adventure. One of the best travel accessories!

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<strong>THICC Stick</strong>
Image via THICC website.


Suffer from chafing? Do you have an irritating bra strap? Or are you still trying to break-in that new pair of sneakers? These everyday frustrations can be put on hold thanks to the miracle THICC Stick. One of the best travel accessories to pack on every trip – whether that be a weekend getaway, trip to the office or mid-year overseas holiday – the THICC Stick is vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic. Australian owned and made, every THICC Stick is blended with a soothing selection of jojoba, lemon myrtle and tea tree to reduce chafing and relieve friction.

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