When it comes to finding love, the year 2020 has undoubtedly made it (even more) difficult.

As if trying to meet someone you actually clicked with wasn’t hard enough, 2020 threw a global pandemic in the mix as well, stopping love-seeking hopefuls from meeting their potential soulmate in eclectic small bars, wedged between hundreds on a sweaty dancefloor, or even, at work.

However, with some (very limited) travel on the cards, comes a light at the end of a very dark tunnel… the chance for a holiday romance (albeit whilst 1.5 metres apart). No striking your bow this time cupid…

Cue the sceptics.

Your friends, your family, your loved ones, breathing down your neck asking, “you know holiday romances don’t last, right?’. It’s just what you want to hear in between countless rounds of “so, are you seeing anyone’?

However, eHarmony, one of Australia’s leading online dating sites, has explored that dreaded question in their latest research – with the help of 2000 other minglers uncovering what Australians truly think of love away from home.

And here’s what we learned from it.

Tasmania’s cold, but their hearts are colder.

Almost an entire third (29%) of Tasmanians believe holiday romances aren’t a real relationship. Not one single bit. But before you head to the beautiful state, be sure to stay away from their Casanovas, it turns out they aren’t expecting it to last.

Canberra’s ladies see right through you.

Out of all the states and territories, it seems the women of the capital are the least hopeful when it comes to love away from home, with almost half (43%) believing a holiday relationship is simply not a real relationship. Maybe when you live in a city of politicians you learn to see through people… Interestingly though, the men of the ACT think the exact opposite, which could be a problem. Only 15% agree with their female counterparts, leaving most of the guys open to a new love whilst away.

According to Aussies, the remedy for finding love is actually going on a holiday.

Despite the two hard facts we’ve just discovered, the research shows that just over half of the Aussie population agree it’s actually easier to fall in love while indulging in a spot of tourism (whether that be a long or short term love, of course). It’s most likely due to the fact that you’re excited to be away, you’re relaxed, or maybe, because you can be whoever you want to be. Either way, it seems Australians are hit by Cupid’s arrow a little more when on holiday. Or maybe we fall in love harder and faster when we’re away because we know there’s an expiration date?

Happy couple running down the street whilst on holiday. Image via shutterstock

Because who wouldn’t want to be as sickly-happy as these two on holiday?… Image purchased

We always need to bring it back to reality.

Aussies are dreamers; we love to explore, to try new things and to think BIG. However, that little voice inside makes us bring it all back to reality, even when we’re looking for love. Two in three of us feel that holiday romances don’t actually show how compatible people are in the ‘real world’. When we’re back at work, stressed, have bills to pay, or because we slide back into bad habits like unwashed dishes and consecutive nights of binge-watching, we realise that maybe we didn’t display the person we really are. And of course, vice versa.

Actually, even the data shows the odds are against you.

Unfortunately, your sceptical family and friends are right (most of the time) with research showing only 14% of holiday relationships last only a year or longer.  Only 27% of couples manage to keep the flames burning for a few months once the holiday ends, and, sadly, for a third of couples, the relationship (or fling) ends right there and then, when they head home.

Don’t let the doomed travel-ignited love get you down. In fact, if you’re looking for love, knowing where to go is half the battle, and with everyone staying at home at the moment, it seems they’re going online. eHarmony shared that one in four (25%) of single Aussies are likely to explore the world of virtual dating in the midst of COVID-19. So why not jump online and enjoy the smorgasbord of profiles? You never know, you just might find your person. Or if your virtual date isn’t going well, instead of finding an excuse to leave, simply blame it on an internet connection… there really is a light at the end of every tunnel.

Plus, at least virtual dating won’t be as awkward as a social distancing mask-clad dinner…

Couple sitting 2 metres apart on park bench to comply with COVID-19 social distancing rules. Image via shutterstock

Yes, nothing screams ‘perfect date’ like a park bench, two metres apart wearing masks…But at least they’re sticking to the rules. Image purchased.

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