Looking for a group family holiday idea? Then get ready to set sail and cruise around Australia!

Planning a holiday can be hard. Before you even pack your bags there’s plenty to consider. There’s the destination, the budget, the activities, the transport, what you’ll eat, what you’ll drink and, most importantly, ensuring that everyone is just as happy and excited as you are.

But what if there was a holiday that organised all this for you and more? Well, the world-renowned team at P&O Cruises can definitely help you with that, ensuring your next getaway is as seamless as what you make it to be.

Why a cruise, you ask? Apart from being the perfect solution to your next group or family getaway, cruises tick boxes for every type of traveller out there. Whether you love to relax, go on adventures, pump your adrenaline, feast yourself silly, or all of the above, P&O Cruises satisfies what we’re all looking for on our next getaway.

While you ponder over possible future cruise destinations, here are three reasons to convince you why your next Australian holiday should be on a cruise:

<strong>1. Cruises are Affordable</strong>
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1. Cruises are Affordable

Did you know that cruise fares are mostly an all-inclusive fare? They already include accomodation, dining at designated restaurants, and other exciting cruise deals! That’s right, if you want more bang for your buck, a cruise is the perfect holiday option. You can set your budget as high or as low as you want it to be. And, if you’ve got plenty of cash to splash, you can always throw in some additional exciting on- and off-board activities. Check out all of P&O Cruises 2022 deals below.

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<strong>2. Cruises are Fun</strong>
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2. Cruises are Fun

P&O Cruises have plenty of things to keep the entire family entertained. With over 60 onboard activities to jump into, holiday-goers can shake things up in an adults-only mixology class, get their groove on in a cha cha dance class, or soak up some sun in a family-friendly lawn bowls game. For the kids, while you’ve got the onboard Kids Club, there are plenty of splashing frivolities to be had at the legendary waterpark. All of this (and plenty more) can be found across the many decks of P&O Cruise liners – and even off-board at the destinations you dock at. Check out P&O Cruises activities below.

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<strong>3. Cruises are Unforgettable</strong>
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3. Cruises are Unforgettable

Cruises are the perfect holiday idea. Whether you’re looking for a family holiday, a couple getaway, a girls weekend away with interconnecting rooms, or even a solo adventure, P&O Cruises ensures that only unforgettable memories will be made for everyone. No matter what type of traveller you are, cruises are different from other holiday experiences. Forget monotonous road trips or being stuck next to a snoring in-flight passenger, cruises let you choose how you want to experience your holiday from start to finish. Just don’t forget to pack the camera! Check out all of P&O Cruises Australian destinations below.

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To find a cruise deal for your next adventure, view P&O’s cruise destinations, learn more about onboard activities or to book now, head to P&O Cruises website for more information. Bon voyage! 

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh has partnered with P&O Cruises to highlight why Australians should consider a cruise for their next holiday.