Is it sexism? Is he listening? Is he helping? The battle continues between Scott Morrison and the women of Australia.

Since taking over office in August 2018, for the past three years it’s become clear that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has had a hard time understanding, handling, backing and listening to the women of Australia.

Does the Prime Minister really have that much of an issue with females? A survey conducted by Hunter and Bligh shows that close to two-thirds (65.8 per cent) of Australians agree that Scott Morrison has a problem with women. When dissected, the figure was closely balanced between both male and female respondents.

To further expand on Australia’s views on the Prime Minister, Hunter and Bligh previously reported that more than half of Australians (58.1 per cent female and 51 per cent male) believe that Scott Morrison should be replaced in his position in government.

But why do we think that he’s not up for the job? Seventy-five (75) per cent of Australians view Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s handling of reports of sexual assault, misconduct and harassment within Parliament House during his time in office as utterly dissatisfying. Cue Julia Gillard’s famed 2012 misogyny speech.

‘Is he even listening to us?’ With just three in 10 feeling satisfied, primarily 70 per cent of respondents are overall dissatisfied with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to the women of Australia calling for change.

69.7 per cent of respondents believe that to some extent, Scott Morrison has hindered progress being made for women in Australia.

Furthermore, close to six in 10 respondents (59.1 per cent) have come forward in Hunter and Bligh’s survey admitting that Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s treatment of women has had a more negative impact on the way they view his ability to successfully do his job. From this, more than five in 10 (52.9 per cent) men and 65 per cent of women have a more negative view.

Finally, battling out head-to-head, the Australians surveyed admitted that in the next federal election, 29.1 per cent are voting for Labor Party, 30.9 per cent are still undecided and less than two in two (19.8 per cent) are voting for the Liberal/National Coalition Party. Need we say more?

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Data received by Hunter and Bligh and conducted by CoreData Research, a global specialist financial services research and strategy consultancy. The survey was conducted in July 2021 and received results from 1272 Australians.
Feature image: Photographed by Naresh777. Image via Shutterstock.