Doughnut Time!

To celebrate International Doughnut Day, we've decided to test our readers and see how doughnut-obsessed they really are. Do you think you can pick where these doughnuts originate from? 

In which country will you find this delicious icing sugar-coated Beignet?

1. Belgium
2. France
3. Austria

In which Asian country will you find the Youtiao?

1. Vietnam
2. Thailand
3. China

Where do the sweet and sticky Gulab Jamun come from?

1. Lebanon
2. India
3. Sri Lanka

Where do these tiny doughnuts known as Struffoli call home?

1. Italy
2. Spain
3. Germany

Which country is not associated with these cinnamon dusted churros?

1. Cuba
2. Spain
3. Mexico

Where are Pączki traditionally found?

1. Norway
2. Germany
3. Poland

Lokma are little treats found where?

1. Turkey
2. Brazil
3. Iran

Where did the log shaped treat known as a Maple Bar come from?

1. America
2. New Zealand
3. Canada

Where do these little doughnut twists (koeksister) originate?

1. Jamaica
2. Brazil
3. South Africa

In which countries will you find the Olibol?

1. Germany and Belgium
2. The Netherlands and Belgium
3. Russia and Poland

All 10 questions completed!

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Doughnut Time!

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