Are you bored? Let's play a game!

Constant winners on a streak or sore losers who have flipped a table or two - regardless of what type of player you are, we want to help you find out what board game reveals your true identity. 

So roll the die and answer these 10 questions to find out what board game you are!

1. When it comes to game time, what type of player describes you best?

2. So you've decided to play a board game, are you the one who chooses the game everyone plays?

3. What type of games do you like to play?

4. You have two turns: if you roll a die and you land on that number twice, do you miss your next go?

5. You've just won the game, how do you celebrate?

6. You've just lost the game, how do you react?

7. How would you describe your usual tactics to win?

8. You and your partner are playing a game with a group of friends. Do you 'go easy' on them?

9. How many relationships have you ruined because of your obsession with winning?

10. Choose one:

All 10 questions completed!

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Are you bored? Let's play a game!

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