1. Beg for snow
2. Ask for snow
3. Wish for snow

1. Telling you be of good cheer
2. Telling you be merry and cheer
3. Wishing you good cheer

1. Mix and a-mingle in the jinglin' feet
2. Mix and a-mingle and kick up your feet
3. Mix and a-matching with your jinglin' feet

1. days, be merry and bright
2. days and your days
3. days, may your days, may your days

1. Rudolph, with your nose so light
2. Rudolph, with your snout so bright
3. Rudolph, with your nose so bright

1. If the fates allow
2. So hang a shining star
3. Upon the highest bough

1. when those blue memories start dawning
2. when those blue memories start calling
3. when those deep blue memories start calling

1. Just ignore him to the core
2. Watch the fire flames soar
3. Listen to the fireplace roar

1. Rockin' around the Christmas tree
2. Every couple tries to stop
3. Let the Christmas spirit ring

1. The baby awakes
2. No crying He makes
3. And stay by his side

All 10 questions completed!

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