February 14 is just around the corner, and Aussies are lapping it up. 

Even though they see right through it.

With a day filled with chocolate hearts, over-priced roses and, usually, a little disappointment on the horizon, we decided to run a little romantic research on our members to see what they truly think of Valentine’s Day. Do they love it, hate it or just ignore it?

Here are the top five things we learned:

Aussies kind of love Valentine’s Day

Just as an Aussie’s love for VB or a Bunnings’ sausage sanga, you can bet you know a bloke or sheila that loves February 14. A massive 45 per cent of us expressed our love for Valentine’s Day, BUT also admitted we see right through it – we know it’s a profit-making scheme, but we lap it up anyway. 27% of us love Valentine’s Day so much, they think it’s a truly fantastic way to celebrate the person you love.

Aussies don’t sweat the small stuff

When it comes to giving gifts, it seems that Aussies don’t mind missing out on a lovely little wrapped surprise in return. In fact, 56 per cent of those surveyed said they would not be upset (at all) if that happened to them. Only 7 per cent of us expressed sheer disappointment in our partners if they were to forget to buy us a gift.

Some of us, clearly, have poor taste – no judgement

We played a short game of cheesy or romantic with our respondents, and, unfortunately, more than we anticipated, were happy to push the limits on the fine line between sentimental and cringey. A considerable 42 per cent think a proposal on Valentine’s Day is romantic, with 37 per cent agreeing that a first date on February 14 is world-class. Each to their own.

We like to be wined and dined 

When asked to pick their ‘perfect’ date, a majority of those surveyed (56 per cent) sung praise for a classic dinner and drink at their favourite restaurant, bar or dining cruise. Unsurprisingly, only 6 per cent of Aussies would love a movie date, beaten by 11 per cent preferring to stay home (Netflix wins again).

Australians on the dating scene are actually pretty decent

Well, 88 per cent of us. We threw in a bonus question around when to break up (if you had to), would it be before Valentine’s Day or after. Half of those participating were adamant about ending the relationship just before Valentine’s Day as it wouldn’t be right celebrating February 14 together. Whereas one in three think it’s best to hold off and break hearts just after Valentine’s Day so their partner (at the time) can enjoy their day. A mere 2 per cent of us clearly shouldn’t have been in a relationship in the first place stating that they would break up after Valentine’s Day to ensure they collect a nice gift or enjoyable evening out.

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