Are you in lieu of going to the loo? We’ve got a solution for your next bathroom break.

In the past couple of weeks, Australians have experienced it all. From ravaging bushfires swarming through most states, torrential-like rain that followed and now, the one thing Aussies care about the most (down under) is now being compromised thanks to the latest unfortunate news sending shoppers into panic – the toilet paper debacle.

That’s right. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which sounds quite pleasant at this point in time), Australians have turned into savage-shoppers feeding on large supplies of, can you guess it, toilet paper.

Amongst the many items that are disappearing off our shelves in major Australian markets including rice, flour, sugar, tissues, cold and flu tablets and even pasta (if you can’t get to Italy, why not bring Italy to you?); for some strange and terrifying reason – enough to make you soil yourself – toilet paper is being wiped off our shelves. There’s been swarms of people trying to chase and bulk-buy that three-ply goodness, toilet paper.

Bidet. Photographed Dmitrii Pridannikov. Image via Shutterstock.

Bidet. Photographed Dmitrii Pridannikov. Image via Shutterstock.

But, thanks to Australian Bidet, your wiping woes can be washed away. Yes, that’s right. You know those weird looking children-like sinks that you’ve seen graciously sit beside your long-lost European cousin’s toilet. That’s a bidet and thanks to toilet paper shortage fears, Australian Bidet has seen a whopping 500 per cent increase of traffic to the website.

As much as we love Quilton, Sorbent and Vevelle to name a few, it turns out that they aren’t so environmentally-friendly and hygienic as we thought. One toilet paper roll can use up to 10 litres of water to make. Bidets, in all their glory – both standalone and built in to the toilet – require less than a cup of water to clean your behind. With approximately four visits to the bathroom per day for the average person, you do the maths.

The first person to sell bidets commercially in Australia, Managing Director of Australian Bidet, Randall Cadby, has over 16 years of experience under his belt. He has said that that over the last week he’s been contacted by panicking pooers who are interested in purchasing bidets and the more premium range, Japanese style built-in bidets, the Toto.

“Sales have more than doubled in the last few days and the showroom staff have been continually fielding calls all week. The enquiries from individual customers are five times what we’d normally get due to the toilet roll shortage”, says Randall.

“We supply to developers and builders, and they can buy anything up to 200 at a time, but regarding individual customers, we’ve sold around 25-30 so far to individual customers this week, whereas we’d usually sell between 10 and 15.”

Despite the hefty price tag, Japanese brand Toto is the most popular with Australian toilet users – you can thank your two-week Japan escape for that.

Australian Bidet stocks a whole range of products, from bidet seats to intelligent toilets with an inbuilt bidet. They cost anything from under $300 to an impressive $30,000 each. Regardless, we can assure you that it will be the strangest, cleanest and grandest toilet experience you’ve ever had.

A bidet today is a bidet that lasts forever.

For more information visit Australian Bidet.