Australia, trying to keep calm and caffeinated whilst keeping the country clean? Here’s how you can help the environment one cup of coffee at a time!

There’s no denying that us Aussies love our coffee. Some would even argue that we brew up some of the best cups of coffee in the world – whether that be cappuccinos, lattes, heck even mochas that always go down a treat.

Regardless of what type of coffee drinker you are – casual weekly coffee catch up, one-a-day wonders or even rely on two or more to fixate your daily caffeinated needs – lately our coffee machines are certainly proving to be one of, if not, the best, the most essential appliances in the household, especially as we are all working from home (plus no one really wants to be spooning out $4.00+ for a cup).

But, amidst the feeling of satisfaction and relief as your lips plunge into a cup of freshly brewed coffee at home, have you ever wondered where your perfectly encapsulated pod of coffee-goodness ends up? Undeniably, most of us will agree that it’s straight in the garbage bin.

This is where Australian brand Bondi Pods steps in.

Bondi Pods coffee. Image supplied.

Bondi Pods coffee. Image supplied.

Founded by Scott Brown and Niamh Fitzpatrick, Sydney residents, long-term friends and environmental baristas, Bondi Pods was developed after a casual chat over their love for coffee. Much like your disappointment after a cold coffee, Scott and Niamh agreed that the thought of disposable coffee capsules was a pet hate and there was a flaw in the market for those seeking an environmentally conscious alternative.

Launching in September 2019, Bondi Pods was developed after Scott and Niamh combined their respective talents and designed an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable Nespresso-compatible coffee pod.

Available Australia wide, Bondi Pods ensures that each brew will deliver great tasting coffee without damaging the planet.

Of course, if you’re thinking how is this even compost-possible? Well, the duo behind Bondi Pods reassured us that each and every one of their coffee capsules – including the lid – are made from a plant-based composite that contains sugarcane and sugar beet. Allowing the entire capsule – coffee, pod and all to be fully broken down into compost once disposed of in an organise waste compost bin (bio bin).

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Waste Account Australia Experimental Estimates 2013 study, in 2010, each household in Australia produced an estimate of almost 1.5 tonnes of waste a year. As a nation with approximately 8.4 million households, this amount comes to a staggering figure of 12.4 million tonnes. And, on top of that, thanks to the combination  of plastics and aluminium found in non-biodegradable pods, these can take anything from 150 – 500 years to break down in landfill.

Bondi Pods finally offer the solution to enjoying your coffee at home without the consequences. From start to finish, not only will you be satisfied with your coffee fix, but so will the planet.

With beans ethically sourced, Fairtrade certified and garnered from independent growers across South America and Ethiopia, we can assure you that the duo between Bondi Ponds surely knows a thing or two about their brew. Plus, if you love to switch-up your cup of coffee every now and then, Bondi Pods thankfully produces three types of coffee pod variants – Original Dark Roast, Mocha and Caramel – all available for $12.50 per box of 10 pods.

Or, if you’re a bit more serious about your serving, Bondi Pods also offers a monthly subscription service so you never risk running out (name something scarier than that!).

So the next time someone complains to you that you drink too much coffee, tell them that you’re doing it for the environment!

At the moment Bondi Pods ships Australia wide with free delivery to locals living in Sydney’s Inner West suburbs of Balmain and Rozelle. Or, if you’re around town, you can pick up a pack of Bondi Pods from Scott’s Bondi Beach cafe, Good One.

Bondi Pods Tasting Guide:

Original Dark Roast – medium dark roast beans for a vibrant, full flavour coffee with a rich, dark colour. Perfect for an espresso, flat white, cappuccino or latte.

Mocha – medium dark roast beans combined with rich, dark chocolate for a wonderful, full flavour with a rich dark colour and a luxurious sweet, chocolate aftertaste. Perfect for an espresso, piccolo or macchiato.

Caramel – medium dark roast beans infused with a rich caramel for a wonderful, full flavour with a rich dark colour and a decadent caramel sweetness. Perfect for an espresso, piccolo or macchiato.

For more information and to purchase head to the Bondi Pods website.

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