For a nation-stopping, spring racing look, prep, pout and perfect your way through these makeup tips!

As spring warmly rolls in, it’s not just the blooming flowers and sunshine we welcome, but also the excitement, glamour, and style of the spring racing season. For makeup enthusiasts and fashion lovers, this provides the perfect opportunity to create showstopping spring racing makeup looks.

Makeup is a potent means of self-expression – so choose products for spring racing events that are designed to not only enhance your natural beauty, but to also make a statement while you’re at it. It’s important to be looking and feeling your best at the spring races, which Aussie makeup brand, Napoleon Perdis, knows very well. They’re all about makeup with serious staying prowess that has you feeling fabulous all day long.

Whether you’re an experienced makeup enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of cosmetics, you’ll want the best tips to create a winning spring racing makeup look. So read on through our spring racing guide for 13 tips for creating a glamorous, winning makeup look.


Napoleon Perdis, spring racing makeup. Image supplied.

Napoleon Perdis, spring racing makeup. Image supplied.

Prepping Your Canvas: Skin Love Story

Before we talk about eyeshadows and lipsticks, let’s start with the basics. Achieving a flawless makeup look begins with healthy, well-hydrated skin.

1. Hydration Station: Morning Moisture

Well-hydrated skin is the perfect canvas for long-lasting makeup, so start your day with a skincare routine involving hydrators and moisturisers. In the lead-up to these spring events, consider skin-conditioning face masks to add serious hydration and glow.

2. SPF: Your Race Day Armour

Apply a soft, silky SPF that can be worn under makeup. This will not only help you protect your skin against free radical damage, but it will give you that all-day dewy look.

3. Prime Time: The Secret Weapon for Makeup That Lasts

Invest in a high-quality makeup primer such as Napoleon Perdis’ Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer to create the smoothest canvas for your makeup. Primers not only get your makeup to adhere better, but they also guarantee your spring racing makeup look stays fresh from the starting gate to the finish line.


Eyes That Stop Traffic

While it may be true that your eyes are the window to your soul, when it comes to your spring racing makeup look, they also become a dazzling focal point. Let’s talk eyeshadows, eyeliner, and false eyelashes.

4. Spring’s Eye-Candy: Eyeshadow Shades That Pop

Experiment with bold, vibrant eyeshadow shades that capture the spirit of spring. Or, incorporate pretty pinks and pastels, nuanced neutrals, and champagne shimmers into a more subtle look.

5. Wing It, Baby! Mastering Eyeliner for All-Day Intensity

Achieve all-day definition with the perfect winged eyeliner. Opt for an eyeliner that glides on smoothly, giving you precise control for that flawless winged look.

6. Flutter Fabulous: The Art of False Lashes

Whether you’re going for a super glam style or something more subtle and romantic, false lashes effortlessly elevate all makeup looks. All of Napoleon Perdis’ lashes add drama and depth to your eyes so that you turn heads with every flutter.


Napoleon Perdis, spring racing makeup. Eyes That Stop Traffic. Image supplied.

Napoleon Perdis, spring racing makeup. Eyes That Stop Traffic. Image supplied.


Pout-Perfection: Lips That Speak Volumes

Your lips are the finishing touch to your spring racing makeup look, so go with a comfortable, sip-proof lipstick in a colour you adore.

7. Line ‘Em Up: Lip Liner Love

Define and shape your lips with a lip liner similar to your chosen lip colour. Adding lip liner to your look will not only define your pout, but it’ll also improve the longevity of your lipstick. Overlining is an option too, as it creates the illusion of bigger lips.

8. Race Day Reds: Lipstick Shades That Steal the Show

For a classic, bold statement, opt for rich red lipstick. Red is the perfect pigment for that classic, old-world look, so choose a shade that flatters your skin tone and complements the colour of your race day dress.

9. Locking Lips: Longevity Secrets

So that your lip colour stays flawless throughout the day, lip care is crucial. Apply a protective lip balm underneath your lippy, such as Napoleon Perdis’ Lip Service, which also works as a lip primer.


Napoleon Perdis, spring racing makeup. Sculpt and Radiate Cheeky Beauty. Image supplied.

Napoleon Perdis, spring racing makeup. Sculpt and Radiate Cheeky Beauty. Image supplied.


Sculpt and Radiate: Cheeky Beauty

Contour your cheeks like a pro with subtle yet effective cheek makeup. A little blush and bronzer go a long way.

10. Blushing Beauties: Choosing the Perfect Blush

When selecting the right blush for you, consider your skin’s undertone and choose a shade that complements it. Blend well for a natural flush.

11. Sun-Kissed Goddess: Bronzer Bliss

Add warmth and dimension to your face with a touch of bronzer. Even on overcast race days, bronzers give you that subtle sun-kissed glow while highlighting your cheekbones.


All-Day Makeup: Winning the Longevity Game

To make sure your makeup remains impeccable for a full day of fun, festivities, and various weather elements, consider these tips.

12. Lock It Down: The Power of Setting Spray

Set your makeup in place with a high-quality setting spray. Napoleon Perdis’ Camera Finish Matte Setting Spray will guarantee your makeup stays fresh from brekkie bubbly right through until last drinks.

13. Oil Be Gone: Blotting Papers and On-the-Go Essentials

Keep your makeup looking glamorous all day long by topping up with on-the-go essentials that fit conveniently in your clutch. Consider heroes such as concealer, eyeliner, brow gel and, of course, your chosen lipstick. Keep shine at bay with the use of blotting film. It’s a race day must!


Get Your Race Day Glam On

Enjoy all the fun, frocks, and fascinators and make a statement with an unforgettable spring racing makeup look. Get race day ready with Napoleon Perdis and confidently put your best face forward on the field.

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh has partnered with Napoleon Perdis to highlight the top tips for spring racing makeup.