New year, new you? We all hear the same thing every year. But every year we trap ourselves in the same routine without ever changing anything.

We all want the same two things. To be healthier and to be happier. It sounds so easy, but it’s easier said than done.

Plus, majority of us can admit that when we finally take the plunge to achieving our New Year resolutions, we unfortunately only stick it out till mid January. Not good enough.

These 8 simple steps will help you tick off some of those main new years resolutions. 2018 is the year of pushing the limits to get things done. Now lets do it!

Just remember, be the best you!

1. Taking time out for yourself: Unfortunately with a busy schedule that we all tend to, you time is harder than it seems. Leave your phone at home while you go for a walk. Even meditate. Personally, once a week I self pamper. Whether I make my own face mask or spend an hour in the bath reading a book with a glass of red.

2. Eat organic whole foods: Processed foods are delicious but unfortunately lack minerals and fiber that our bodies yearn for. Look into purchasing organic foods so it can nourish your body with what it needs. Maybe also consider creating a consistent eating schedule.

3. Meat free day: Don’t get me wrong, I love a fat, juicy steak but eating meat free one day a week is quite beneficial. Go all vegetarian for a day. Meat eaters don’t fret; there are tons of recipes out there as well as Healhyroo’s superfood protein powder.

4. Workout with a friend: Whether its your best gal pal or fury friend – teaming up with a buddy will push you harder. Beginning a fitness journey will enable you to console in each other through every health and fitness encounter you come across. Having a training partner, you’re less likely to bail on that dreaded 6am workout at your nearest F45. Personally I just dance in my bedroom at 11pm while my Jack Russell watches in absolute awe.

5. Drink more water: I think majority of us need and want to, but we lose count of how many glasses we’ve actually had. My tip, go out and buy a reusable 2L bottle so you can keep track throughout the day of how much more water you need to consume. And don’t go biblical. That glass of red or white doesn’t count!

6. Eliminating sugar: Sugar is amazing. I mean bad. Unfortunately high levels of sugar consumption in your diet can lead to risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Test out a few days in a week that’s sugar free. Then maybe even try a sugar free diet. You wont go insane and hopefully wont down a whole bag of CSR sugar in the baking aisle at Woolworths.

7. Creating a bed routine: That extra episode on Netflix can wait till tomorrow. Beauty sleep, slumber, that time of the day where you can finally feel serene – whatever you call it, it is important. Creating a consistent sleep schedule will impact your health and mind frame on a positive note. Plus it will also create a consistent schedule for the remainder of the day.

8. Positive attitude: Having a positive attitude is probably the hardest to work towards. But it can be done. Lets be honest, chocolate is amazing and ice cream brings me so much joy. But don’t put yourself down because of it. Life is all about finding the right balance; sadly it takes some of us years to figure out the right balance or schedule. Everyone is different. We all have different routines, diets and priorities. Just be you and own it! Go cuddle a random puppy and greet that weird person you cross paths with every morning.

Every day is a new day with new challenges and new opportunities!