Say goodbye to the layers, spring is near!

As the season changes so does our attire. With winter seeing deep navy blue become a favourite especially layering alongside large coats and heavy accessories, coming into spring a man’s everyday wear is almost halved for a more lightweight look to reflect the warmer months.

Partnering with Sydney based custom made tailors, BELANCĒ, we’ve stitched together six tips to help shape every gentleman’s wardrobe this spring.

1. Lighter constructions to help accompany the soft tailoring look. This means jacket and pant combinations should be made to be more breathable and versatile. BELANCĒ does this by removing shoulder padding and internal lining to create a lighter, relaxed and flexible look and feel to suits.

2. Source English linens which are great for spring. Although these fabrics are on the heavier side, when worn, they are still breathable. Thankfully, English linens wrinkle less, which means there is not as much maintenance as winter commanded. But don’t confuse the look, when styled correctly, gents will look fresh and effortlessly chic.

3. Earthy colours including stone and beiges. Winter saw heavier colours including deep navy, royal purple and striking prints. Going into spring, the tone should be more subtle with far fewer prints or patterns. Instead, source more solid, lighter textures to pair or accessorise with.

4. As the colours and tones of your wardrobe decrease, so should the structure and flow of your outfit. Coming into the warmer months of the year a notable trend is to introduce a more relaxed feel. When appropriate, opt for an open collar look which ditches the tie. As well as that, t-shirts are welcomed, which pair nicely with relaxed blazers, boat shoes and even sneakers if the occasion calls for it.

5. More relaxed fits. Roll up the sleeves and slightly unbutton the shirt (not too much – we’re not on a European holiday anymore) because you need to transform your outfit whether it be for work or even attire on the weekend. Set the mood and add personality to your outfit this spring.

6. Get creative at work. Going into spring, work suits or general attire should explore and use more shades of navy. Source blazers that are textured and are embedded with an array of colours such as greys and blacks. This will tie together professionalism, timeless style and a nod to spring trends.

For more information visit BELANCĒ.