Larsen Jewellery is one of Australia’s leading creators of custom-made, bespoke jewellery specialising in wedding and engagement rings. To find out what sets Larsen Jewellery apart and why custom jewellery is becoming so popular, we spoke to one of Larsen’s talented jewellers.

Why do couples prefer bespoke rings?
There is something extra special about having a design that no one else has. It also allows the customer to be creative, and to have their item of jewellery reflect their personal style and taste perfectly.

What are some of Larsen Jewellery’s most popular designs?
The trends are always changing and we are constantly adding exciting new styles to our range. Currently, it would have to be our ‘Amore’, ‘Rosetta’ and ‘Elegance’ designs. These are all classic designs that won’t go out of style, so we’re not surprised!

What is the most popular cut of diamond? What is your personal favourite?
The most popular cut of diamond at Larsen Jewellery is the Brilliant round cut diamond. It always has, and always will be considered the most ‘classic’ shape of diamond. It is timelessly beautiful and the way it is faceted ensures maximum sparkle. It would be impossible for us to name a favourite cut of diamond, as they are all so beautiful in their own way! At the moment however, we are particularly loving Pear and Oval shapes.

array of silver and diamond engagment rings and wedding bands with a white backdrop

Some of Larsen Jewellery’s stunning creations (Image: Supplied)

What are some shapes, designs, metals and gemstones that you might recommend to couples looking for something simple? And how about those wanting something more?
We find that each individual has a different definition of these terms, however when we think of ‘simple’, we think of elegant solitaires such as our ‘Elegance’ and ‘Waterlily’ designs. For ‘something more’, this could be anything from diamonds set into the band, to a beautifully elaborate halo with hand-engraving and milgrain edging.

Are the materials used by Larsen Jewellery Fair Trade?
Larsen Jewellery sources only from the most reputable suppliers available. Our jewellery is made here in Australia, in our Sydney & Melbourne Design Studios by our expert jewellers. We are very excited to announce that we are now a licensed producer of Fair Trade certified gold wedding rings. These are handcrafted using Fair Trade gold which has been mined by artisanal and small-scale mining organisations, meeting the Fair Trade gold standards.

What does it mean to use Fair Trade materials?
Our Fair Trade Gold metal is physically the same as every other metal – the difference is in the supply chain. By purchasing a Fair Trade gold wedding ring, customers can rest assured that the gold has been responsibly mined and that that workers have received a Fair Trade Minimum Price and Premium. This assists with social, environmental and economic development in the communities, in turn creating better living and working conditions and helping them to work their way out of poverty. At Larsen Jewellery, we sell both Fair Trade and ‘normal’ metals which primarily come from recycled sources.

How often to you come across couples who aren’t interested in this bespoke, custom-design process?
Very rarely, as people come to us exactly because we are specialists in custom made fine jewellery! It’s also the way forward now, as people love to have as much choice as possible, and they no longer have to compromise on their dream designs. We do have a large selection of classic designs on our website, to suit all tastes; customers can either choose from these designs, make modifications to these designs, or come up with their own design, all backed by a lifetime guarantee.

What are some tips for couples looking to find the perfect customised wedding or engagement rings?
Our top tip is to begin by seeking out design inspiration, such as images of designs that catch your eye. Many of our customers bring in pictures of rings they love from online or social media and that helps us understand what sort of look they’re going for and design from there. Another tip is to try on plenty of designs! You’d be amazed at how many customers change their minds after seeing examples on their hand. Our final tip is that they take care to find a very reputable Jeweller who will make the process relaxing and enjoyable for them, offering them unbiased advice along the way.

Larsen Jewellers are precise in creating custom wedding and engagement rings (Image: Supplied)

How soon before a wedding should a couple purchase their rings?
At least six weeks in advance, but ideally 2-3 months. Some couples choose to purchase even earlier, just to tick them off the list.

What does Larsen Jewellery offer that sets it apart from other jewellers?
We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service, unbiased advice and transparency. We don’t believe in using pushy sales techniques, and we take care of our customer after the purchase also, with a lifetime guarantee and free annual servicing on their custom made jewellery. Larsen Jewellery abides by the Kimberley Process, and we put so much love and effort into making our business as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible. We also donate at least 10% of our profits to charitable causes, as a way of giving back.

Larsen Jewellery stores can be found in Sydney’s Strand Arcade and Melbourne’s GPO Building. Visit their website for more info.

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