Every human deserves to look and feel good. But for many, slipping into a favourite pair of jeans isn’t an option.

Australian owned and operated start-up, EveryHuman, is leading the stylish charge with adaptive fashion by curating a clothing range of adaptable pieces for those with disabilities. EveryHuman sources fashion-forward clothing that adapts to the wearer, not the other way round.

Currently, 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability. In Australia alone, 20% of our population are struggling to dress, find clothes that fit, and own their individual style. Despite this staggering figure, mainstream fashion has historically been slow to address the needs of differently-abled and elderly people. Whether that be garments featuring buttons and zippers impeding those with one-hand or limited dexterity. Or pants and jeans being ill-fitting for people in wheelchairs and those who wear leg braces. Not to forget how troublesome tying shoelaces can be for those with a limb difference.

Although adaptive clothes exist to overcome these challenges, the clothes are often poor quality, overly focused on function, and lack sophistication and style.

Adaptive fashion revolutionises all of that.

Ultimately, adaptive fashion is specialised clothing that blends fashion and function to make getting dressed easier, pain-free, and convenient for differently abled people. It recognises that every one of us, irrespective of our age and body-type, has our own sense of style, so it offers trendy clothing that adapts to us.

As the world continues to cry out for inclusivity, we’re proud to see international brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Nike starting to rise up and offer adaptive fashion to the disabled community. And now this Aussie platform, EveryHuman, has made it their mission to find the latest and greatest adaptive fashion brands and bring them to this platform so Australians can shop with confidence.

If you’d like to explore EveryHuman, head to their website.

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