A new insulin pump launches in Australia, offering patients a compact solution and much-needed additional treatment choice.

The mylife™ YpsoPump® system is being launched in Australia, giving a fresh option for Australian patients diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes who manage their diabetes with an insulin pump.

“There’s been an excited buzz amongst pump users because YpsoPump is one of the new kids on the block,” said Ashley Ng, an Australian patient who is currently trialing the new insulin pump.

mylife™ YpsoPump®. Image: Supplied

Pump developer, Ypsomed, set itself the task of making medical self-treatment a straightforward and routine practice – focusing on the essential functions and user friendliness.
Compared to other insulin pumps available in Australia, the mylife™ YpsoPump® is notable for being small and lightweight. Measuring 7.8 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.6 cm, and weighing just 83 g, it’s one of the most compact insulin pumps on the Australian market.

“Some of the main things I love about the YpsoPump are its size, weight, look and feel,” said Ashley. “It’s slick, small and has a slimmer profile than my previous pump.”

The pump has also been designed to feel natural and be easy to operate.

“It’s simple to use and has an user-friendly pump interface once you get used to the icons. I particularly like the swipe left feature to see the last bolus dose.”

Woman with coffee checking her insulin. Image: Supplied

According to Cheryl Steele, a Credentialled Diabetes Educator in Victoria, the introduction of the YpsoPump has been welcome news for patients who choose to use an insulin pump.

“There is a limited range of insulin pumps available here in Australia, and not all pumps suit everyone. So it’s great that we can now offer our patients a new option that gives them more choice in insulin pump therapy,” said Cheryl.

“The pump is very intuitive and simple to understand, which reduces the amount of training time required. It can be operated from a mobile phone app, which the patient can download before they even see their educator. That allows more time for modifying the patient’s therapy management.”

Doctor sharing the mylife™ YpsoPump®. Image: Supplied

James Mayjor, General Manager of Ypsomed Australia, said this is the first insulin pump released by Ypsomed in Australia, representing the first step in the company’s commitment to Australians  with diabetes.

“As a company with over 30 years’ experience, Ypsomed is one of the world’s leaders in the development of insulin-delivery devices,” James said.

“We are really excited to be able to offer Australian patients a new choice of insulin pump, and based on our international experience with this product, we expect the mylife™ YpsoPump® to be a welcome new option for both patients and healthcare professionals alike.”