We all know someone impossible to buy for.

Perhaps they’re fussy, or they already have everything or maybe you don’t know them too well.
Maybe it’s a fussy boyfriend, an expensive mother-in-law, a colleague or a client you only know via emails… We’ve also experienced the stressful ‘last-minute-gift’ pain, a result of too many “I’ll do it tomorrow’s”. But we may or may not have found a solution to all gift pains.

Meet The Goods Tube. The brainchild of husband and wife, Australian Architect and Danish importer and distributor of Scandinavian goods. Together they realised a gap in the gift-giving market and sought to solve the unnecessary pains involved. The idea is simple and brilliant, oh so typical of the Danish.

The Goods Tube specialises in creating gifts that stand out, sourcing unexpected products from around the world and compiling them into their signature ‘Tube’.
Each Tube includes a detailed Guide to Your Gifts for the recipient, describing the story behind each product, making the whole experience that little bit more special and memorable – while also highlighting and paying tribute to the brands.

The Tubes are branded into collections to make the purchasing experience almost too enjoyable and pain-free. Collections are sorted by cost, Corporate Gifts, Australian Gifts, alcohol, Thank You’s, Wedding/Engagement and even by For Him/For Her.
Corporate Tubes can be personalised to match your business, including the adding of a personal message and company logo and colours. The products in corporate gifts can also be handpicked and sourced specific to the company’s needs, designed to make meeting a budget and reflecting your brand easier.

Originally pitched as the corporate gift go-to, the ingenious idea has been picked up outside of the corporate world and serves as the ideal gift for anyone worthy of something special.

Adding to the overall appeal of the idea is the environmentally friendly aspect. The Tube is made in Australia from 100% recycled cardboard – hitting the ‘plastic-ban’ nail right on the head.

So whether it’s a’oh-my-god-it’s-her-birthday-today’, a client gift, a marketing pack or a spontaneous, thoughtful gift, The Goods Tube has you covered – you can thank us later.