Every time you walk outside are you dreading that your beautiful locks are turning into a giant frizz ball?

I think that’s something we’re used to thanks to winter and now the summer heat that’s fast approaching. The combination of hot weather, wind and the drastic climate change from office to lunch break spot outside.

And although we may think that the good old straightener will be the solution. Unfortunately not.

Its time to treat yourself! Or I should say, treat your hair. Literally.

Hello Hair Pure Silk Pillowcase

You woke up like that? Now you don’t have to worry about bed hair. The pure silk pillowcase begins your hair routine whilst you sleep. Silk is great to decrease friction furthermore being less harmful on hair follicles, breaking, snapping and thinning. In the long run you’ll notice that your blow-dry, straighten or curl will last longer. And we all know the less heating tools we use, the better.

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Glammar Tangle Tonic Rose Gold

Possibly the coolest brush you’ll ever own. Firstly, it’s rose gold. Need I say more? But in all seriousness, the Tangle Tonic is fantastic with detangling wet and dry hair. Painless and effortless. The god sent brush minimizes tugging, breakage and cuticle damage. Great for sensitive scalps!

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Sephora Collection Hair Sleeping Mask Coconut

Everyone knows how great Sephora’s masks are. Great result for something so cheap. That’s something to get flustered over. The coconut mask is great for nourishing and repairing hair fibers – what you need this spring trust me! Each mask comes with an included cap. Simply apply, cover and wake up to amazing luscious hair.

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Lush Roots Scalp Treatment

I’m not talking about the 18th century scalping technique. This is far less harmful and more exotic. This product is great for both guys and gals. The treatment needs to be massaged into the scalp and left for 20 minutes. The long list of natural ingredients will work their magic to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. No witchcraft needed.

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18 in 1 Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol & Vitamin E Nourishing Shampoo

We’ve all heard how amazing argan oil is; now put it to the test. 18 in 1 has designed a shampoo for all hair types including those with unnatural colours. Apart from repairing it moisuturises, elasticizes, protects from environmental pollution and reduces all types of damage including from chemical treatments.</

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18 in 1 Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol & Vitamin E Nourishing Conditioner

If you’ve tried the shampoo, you’ll know how amazing the conditioner will be. Like the shampoo, the final step of your hair washing process using the 18 in 1 Argan Oil conditioner will mean your hair will soak in, and remain moisutrised, elasticized and protected until your next wash. We all need to buy the set right now.

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Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer

“Not to prime is a crime.” The spray provides a thin oil layer on your hair before you start heat styling. The range of feather light oils soften, detangle, de-frizz, tame, ease styling and prevent UV damage. This should be a staple in your hair routine.

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AQUIS Waffle Luxe Hair Turban

No need to use your body towel anymore. The AQUIS turban perfectly wraps and holds your hair together whilst it dries. The thick-layered material rapidly dries your hair without using a hairdryer. You won’t want to take it off.

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