Who knew that sipping on a cup of tea could be the cure to your everyday wellbeing!

Renowned for their quality teawares and an outstanding collection of blended tea, T2 has just unveiled the newest range to hit their stores: the Wellness Teas.

Included in the range are four new tasty plant-powered teas that are designed to keep tea lovers at the top of their game. Here to support your mind and body, The Quiet Mind, The Dreamer, The Belly Blend and The Glowgetter were designed for the next generation of health enthusiasts.

“At T2 our focus is always on the flavour. We work with the assumption that if it tastes nice, people will be happy to incorporate it into their everyday ritual, and then feel the benefits,” says Michelle McGoff, T2’s tea sommelier and developer.

T2’s wellness teas have been formulated with ingredients known to help quiet noisy minds, settle tired eyes into sleep, soothe sore tummies and even make your skin glow! So, if you’re ready to sip into something delicious, read on through to learn more about how T2’s new range is helping you balance your everyday health and wellbeing:

<strong>The Quiet Mind</strong>
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The Quiet Mind

We can all agree that it is extremely important to manage stress levels by swapping chaos for calm. This new wellbeing tea blend by T2 was developed to help drinkers wind down after a long day by pressing pause on the world. This tea features a soothing blend of peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, ashwagandha and schisandra to help deflect stressors. With an overall refreshingly citrus flavour, you’ll feel cool, calm and collected after just one sip.

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<strong>The Dreamer</strong>
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The Dreamer

If you’re needing a relaxing tea, The Dreamer will soon become the favourite step in your bedtime ritual. Helping you drift off to sleep, this blend will have you thinking of crisp white sheets and fluffy pillows. Sprinkled with valerian, a herb trusted by naturalists and herbalists, you’ll also find a mix of lemon verbena, rose and hops to help you rest easy. Slip into your pyjamas and sip your way into a downtime that you deserve.

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<strong>The Belly Blend</strong>
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The Belly Blend

Forget juice cleanses, T2’s The Belly Blend is here to solve your stomach’s woes. Developed to soothe a bloating tummy, The Belly Blend is the newest tea to help with your everyday health and wellbeing. Made with fermented pu erh black tea, cacao and marshmallow root, after one sip you will think that you’re sipping on something decadent and chocolatey. As well as that, this blend is also packed with chicory root renowned for its beneficial bacteria that will help your system moving.

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<strong>The Glowgetter</strong>
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The Glowgetter

We all know that beauty sleep is a thing. But, if you’re needing a bit of a push to glow from the outside, The Glowgetter is the brew for you. Helping your skin shine bright, this wellbeing tea with help calm and soothe inflammation and replenish your radiance levels thanks to the exotic mix of earthy nettle, caramelly vanilla, rose and linden. Tasting like a floral bouquet, this skin supporting brew with leave beauty lovers feeling fresh as a daisy.

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