Forget counting sheep, here’s how to sleep better at night naturally!

So we’ve finally figured out that beauty sleep is a real thing and, as it turns out, it’s imperative to a happier and healthier life. But, despite how tired we all may seem from our chaotic lives, even though we crave sleep, the act of falling asleep and having a wholesome and good night’s sleep is what we still yearn.

Thankfully, just in time for Sleep Awareness Week 2022 (Sunday 13 – Saturday 19 March) and World Sleep Day (Friday 18 March), we’ve sought out the help of Australian aromatherapy brand, In Essence, to help us debunk tireless nights.

Together with Dr Carmel Harrington, an internationally recognised sleep expert and brand ambassador for In Essence, we’re here to understand how sleep is one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Better yet, research shows that sleep disturbances can lead to substandard physical and mental health and may increase the risk of developing other chronic health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, cancer and mental health conditions.

We can all admit that unforeseen circumstances can affect established sleep routines and impact our health in ways we might not expect. So, to help you sleep well, we’re sharing five must-follow tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, naturally!

1. Turn off all technology and dim all lighting one-hour before you go to bed.

2. Do not sleep or nap during the day.

3. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages after midday.

4. Exercise regularly, but not within three hours of bedtime.

5. Incorporate aromatherapy into your day and night for some relaxation and self-nurturing.

In addition to this, Dr Harrington notes the importance of a sleep routine. “Consistency is key. Go to sleep at similar times most days to help maintain alertness during the daytime and assist you to sleep during the night,” she said.

“It is important to realise that we need our mind to relax in order to get the best sleep possible, and essential oils can be a great way to support some relaxation time in the evening before bed.”

With Quality Sleep, Sound Mind and Happy World being the theme of World Sleep Day 2022; In Essence’s range of 100% pure essential sleep oils are designed to support sleep health thanks to their calming blends that reduce restlessness, improve the quality of your sleep and, most importantly, provide the relief of symptoms associated with sleeplessness.

For more information and to shop the range, head to In Essence’s website.

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Feature image: Photographed by Quin Stevenson. Image via Unsplash.