You never knew you need an Egyptian cotton socks and underwear subscription service in your life until now.

Whether you’re suiting up or keeping it casual, Manrags’ unique range of everyday essentials will let you add a pop colour, confidence and charisma to any look.

A few years ago Michael Elias recognised he had an addiction for bright socks with funky prints. He’d receive endless comments, and loved how he could mix-and-match the designs to suit his personality each day. But Tina, Michael’s wife, began to notice a problem with Michael’s funky sock habit. The reason her husband was going through so many socks wasn’t because he was an avid fan, it was because they were made with poor quality materials. They would fade, stretch and basically fall apart, sometimes after only one wash.

Michael and Tina were looking for quality and convenience when it came to their everyday-wear items and found there was a gap in the market. So they decided to do something about it.  In September 2015 they launched Manrags, the world’s only Egyptian cotton sock and underwear subscription service.

The Egyptian cotton used is picked from the banks of the Nile River. “The fibres used to produce Manrags are rare and more absorbent than any other cotton, and the strength of the fibre makes for more solid and resistant colours,” says Michael.

Manrags embrace the modern gentleman’s flair for individuality and bravura with a dedicated team of style experts. Their aim is to ensure the designs are consistently outstanding so they make the outfit, not just compliment it.

“We launched Manrags because we wanted to provide a high quality product,” says Michael.

Manrags started off as a sock subscription and quickly grew into a community and a brand.

“We didn’t expect to see the international base grow faster than the Australian market, but that’s exactly what happened.”

Manrags most popular market is in Canada, but they have subscribers all over the world. With over 50 designs in the sock range, Tina is Co-Creator and the Creative Cirector leading the design element. “Inspiration is drawn from everywhere, but uniqueness is key. We pride ourselves on our unique designs.”

Once a final design is locked in, it’s sent to a dedicated partner in Egypt who meticulously delivers on the requirements for creating the product.

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The brand launched an underwear range in April this year after feedback from their subscribers revealed a huge demand for jocks. The response has been overwhelming, and with an exciting range of prints and designs from just $16, you can have a new pair of colour and comfortable briefs delivered direct to your door.

And their popularity is not slowing down. Manrags will debut at this year’s Paris Fashion Week in September with an exciting new range as well as some of their classic designs. On their show, Michael says “It will be a carefully curated selection of our signature socks and underwear sets, with hot models and funky music.” And with rumours that Kanye West and Tom Ford are keen to meet with Michael and Tina after the show, Manrags looks set to become bigger and fiercer in the coming months.

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The Duckies are a popular choice and one of Micahel’s favourite designs.

Manrags is a service for everybody. A recent poll revealed the average subscriber is men aged between 20 and 60 years old, located in both major cities and rural areas, who work in all industries ranging from law to medical, sales and marketing to teaching and construction through to the arts.

Joining the Manrags movement is simple. Choose a package, your desired payment terms, and the first package will be delivered directly to your door.

Today Manrags have seven subscription offers starting at $14.95, but their most popular option by far is the Essentials Package which is a fresh pair of matching socks and briefs every month.

The Washing Machine Monster is an additional, free of charge service. “People love it and we are not at all surprised by how often the policy is applied.” If a Manrags sock goes astray, contact the team and a replacement one will be delivered direct to your door. “We’re surprised no one thought of it sooner,” says Michael.

Manrags is an affordable, convenient and luxurious necessity for your busy lifestyle. If you expect only the best and have a keen eye for the finer details, make sure you check out Manrags.

To view the collections and subscription offers, head to the Manrags website here.