Brushing together your new year’s resolutions for 2021 has never been easier…

With the New Year just a few sleeps away, many of us will be reflecting on what we did (or didn’t) achieve in the past year, and what goals we have for the new one. But, as the festive season wraps up, have you ever thought about setting goals for your smile? More importantly, your teeth?

Partnering with Tabitha Acret, dental hygienist at AIRFLOW Dental Spa, we’re here to shine a light on the importance of what we feed our mouths. Australians will be surprised to know that everything we eat and drink has some form of effect on your teeth and gums – whether that be influencing the development of dental caries (holes in the teeth), periodontal disease (disease of the gums and supporting soft tissue), causing erosion (wearing away of the outer layer of the teeth) or discolouration. 

So, to help you smile bigger, brighter and better in 2021, we’ve sat down with Tabitha to explore how the frequent consumption of these six drinks will cause an eventual eat-away at the enamel of your pearly whites. Just don’t forget to floss!

<strong>1. Juice</strong>
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1. Juice

Juice may seem like a healthy alternative to both soft drink and alcoholic drinks this Christmas and New Years, however, fruit juice often contains more sugar than what consumers anticipate. If you’re wanting to enjoy fruit this festive season, Tabitha recommends enjoying your favourite summer fruits whole in order to receive full nutritional benefits.

<strong>2. Lemon Water</strong>
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2. Lemon Water

Despite taking its fame amongst Instagram, Facebook and TikTok influencers claiming that it is the ultimate morning beverage to boost your inner health; lemon water has a very low pH and drinking lemon water daily can cause lasting damage to your teeth. Often compared to the acidity levels in battery acid, over time lemon water can cause your teeth to become increasingly more sensitive and susceptible to decay.

<strong>3. Flavoured Water</strong>
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3. Flavoured Water

Advertised everywhere in array of dreamy and delicious flavours, flavoured water is surprisingly a sneaky way of consuming acid and sugar without you even realising. Often claimed to be good for you, flavoured water has a very low pH therefore attacking the teeth. Tabitha recommends to always read the ingredients label!

<strong>4. Energy Drinks</strong>
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4. Energy Drinks

Do we really need to explain this one… Unsurprisingly energy drinks are filled with caffeine and chemicals and, when consumed regularly, can cause major damage to teeth structure. Plus, let’s not forget the mountains of sugar used within these beverages.

<strong>5. Sports Drinks</strong>
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5. Sports Drinks

Often promoted as the perfect go-to drink for pre-and post-workout, sports drinks are also advertised to be consumed when we are dehydrated. Interestingly, this is actually the worst time to consume them. After exercising your mouth doesn’t have as much saliva present, meaning there is no natural buffer to repel the sugar and acids coating your teeth – further contributing to decay.

<strong>6. Wine</strong>
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6. Wine

Sadly, wine is another high acidic beverage that can erode tooth enamel. Surprisingly, white wine is more acidic than red, but red is prone to staining your teeth. The best way to avoid a red smile is to ensure your teeth are plaque-free. Routine cleaning with your dentist and hygienist all whilst maintaining a good at-home oral care method is the best way to keep your teeth sparkling.

Dental caries is the most common chronic disease in the world, and it is 100% preventable. It is the hidden sugars in our diet causing the most effect, so reading labels, doing independent research, and aiming for foods and beverages with less than 10% of sugar per 100g serve will reduce your risk of dental decay.

Many dental problems are often painless, meaning they develop quite quickly without you realising.  Good, thorough home dental care routines are encouraged, but so too are frequent visits you’re your dental professional. Treatments such as the revolutionary AIRFLOW© Dental Spa provide patients with a gentle, non-invasive clean that using high-pressure water and cleansing powder, blasts away that hard to reach bacteria. Your teeth are often regarded as the window to your inner health – make sure they are squeaky clean!

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