Make drinking wine at home a luxurious experience.

Wine is Australia’s most-loved tipple of choice which comes to no surprise considering the vast collection of wineries and winemakers available. Indeed, while many Australian wine drinkers would fall into the novice category, there are some of us who fall deeply in love with these gorgeous drops – and for that, we need the proper tools to truly indulge in our burgeoning desires.

Here at Hunter and Bligh, we are sharing our knowledge of the five best premium wine accessories for any home cellar. These are the tools that help bring out the best in any wine you wish to drink and add a touch of sophistication to your personal home cellar.

So, pour yourself a glass and let’s go!

LG Signature Wine Cellar

Whether you’re an avid dinner party host with avid wine drinkers or an up-and-coming aficionado, the LG Signature Wine Cellar is the ultimate must-have for your home. It expertly stores your wine in the perfect conditions, offering every bottle you buy a fighting chance of being the best.

Featuring multi-temperature settings, the LG Signature Wine Cellar allows you to store your whites, reds and bubbles in blissful harmony. In other words: reds at the top, whites in the middle and bubbles at the bottom. It also controls humidity levels and dispels unwanted vibrations that may disturb the sediments and flavours of your wine.

Another nifty feature is its UV-protective, glass panel window, which allows you to see inside (by knocking twice on the glass) before you open the door to the outside elements – keeping the cool air inside for longer. The wine cellar fridge also comes with an auto-open door feature, where you can use your foot to open the door, just like waving the foot under the car boot. It also comes with an automatic drawer at the bottom for cheese and charcuterie ingredients, or even storing beers for your less-cultured friends.

Set to be released in January 2021, the LG Signature Wine Cellar retails for an estimated RRP of $8999.

LG Signature Range

Coravin Wine Preserver

It’s perhaps not a safe idea to drink a whole bottle of wine in one night, but it’s hard not to do considering a bottle of wine doesn’t last long once it’s opened. Thankfully, the Coravin Wine Preserver has come to the rescue. It’s a clever invention that allows you to pour your corked wine without removing the cork or even disturbing the elements inside, which means you don’t have to finish a whole bottle in one night!

This is also great for those who tend to attract guests with different tastes to their dinner parties since you can pour multiple wines without sacrificing them down the sink later.

Coravin Wine Preserver

Cellar Premium Wine Aerator

Many red wines and some white wines usually taste better after 30-minutes of aerating. But who has time for that when the guests are arriving? So, skip on the decanter and buy yourself this Cellar Premium Wine Aerator, which allows you to infuse any drop with plenty of oxygen to lift out the decadent flavours in just a matter of seconds.

This particular wine aerator also comes with a sediment filter to strain away any unwanted tannins.

Cellar Premium Wine Aerator

Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper

There’s one thing that is a must in any sparkling wine, can you guess what it is? Bubbles! Unfortunately, once the cork is popped, the carbonated gases inside leak out of the bottle until the sparkling wine goes flat. And nobody wants that. So if you’ve reached midway through your dinner party and people have stopped swizzling through the open bottle on the table, get yourself a Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper that keeps the bubbles in for longer.

Buy Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper

Martinique Ice Bucket

It sounds plain and simple, but if you’re serving white or (especially) sparkling wine, you must have an ice bucket. Sure, you could keep it in the fridge, but that involves having to leave your guests at the table while you waste time in the kitchen. Cue the Martinique Ice Bucket – a sturdy and versatile contraption that can fit in with nearly any household decor. But, most importantly, it oozes premium quality, much your delicious wine selection.

Buy Martinique Ice Bucket

No home cellar would be complete without wine. So why not try these Australian vegan-friendly wines! And, while spring is still in the air, check out our Top 10 Australian Wine Picks For Spring 2020!

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