There are plenty of ways you can help.

With over 3 million hectares burned across Australia this bushfire season – with around 1 million hectares in NSW alone – the firefighters and victims need our help. And no matter how far away you are from the flames, you can still offer something to those who desperately need it. Here are some great ways to help out:

1. Make a Donation

One of the easiest and quickest ways to help out the firefighters and bushfire victims is to donate. Don’t forget that donations of $2 or more to selected charities and NFPs are tax-deductible. Here is a list of charities that you can donate to:

  • NSW Rural Fire Service: The NSW Rural Fire Service are on the front line, battling the flames and saving lives. Donations will go towards their efforts, as well as helping volunteer fireys who need some assistance away from home.
  • State Emergency Services, Queensland: The State Emergency Services work in tandem with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, and they both need donations to help with their efforts in battling the bushfires in the sunshine state.
  • Australian Red Cross: The Australian Red Cross offers disaster relief for those in need, as well as assistance to those in need at any time of the year. To donate, you can do so via their website or by visiting your local Commonwealth Bank branch.
  • The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army also offers assistance to those in need and they are requesting donations to their disaster appeal. A donation can give affected communities the strength to rebuild after the bushfires.
  • St Vincent de Paul Society: Another charity organisation is St Vincent de Paul Society, who also offer assistance to those in need. Your donation can help provide much-needed food, clothing and household furniture.
  • BlazeAid: BlazeAid is a public benevolent institution (PBI), which means their main purpose is relieving needs arising from conditions such as poverty, sickness, distress or helplessness. All donations go directly to their work of providing support to rural landowners after natural disasters.
  • Koala Hospital – Port Macquarie: Koalas are a national emblem and their community is in a critical condition. The bushfires have wiped out a lot of their habitat and require your help. Your donation can help revive koala populations and rebuild their homes.

2. Attend a Charity Fundraiser

The Royal, Bondi. Image: Supplied

All around New South Wales this weekend there’ll be an array of events designed as charity fundraisers for the bushfire crisis. The first is an All Star Live Xmas Karaoke at The Royal in Bondi, featuring members of Midnight Juggernauts, Bag Raiders, World Champion, Jess Kent and more. It goes live on Thursday 19 December from 8pm till late. They’ll also be auctioning off signed Jimmy Barnes merchandise, and Mike Eggert from Totti’s will be assembling a 40ft antipasti sandwich that will also be auctioned off in slices.

Also, on Thursday 19 December, Fotheringham Park in Taree will be hosting a Carols in the Park 2019 NSW Bushfire Fundraiser, and this Sunday 22 December Crowbar in Leichhardt, Sydney will be presenting a Charity Concert & Fundraiser for the New South Wales bushfire appeal.

3. Visit Affected Towns After The Bushfires

When the smoke clears and the embers simmer down, it may feel like it’s finally over. Indeed, the worst has passed, but it certainly won’t be over yet for those who have lost so much. But you can help with that too. One of the greatest ways to bring back normalcy to those who are affected is by visiting them. Shop at the regional towns, dine in their restaurants, grab a round of beer with the locals and lend a helping hand. By giving them some much-needed economic and social growth through commerce and interaction, you can uplift spirits much better than a blind $50 donation ever could. It will be a holiday that brings more karma and sense of self than lounging on a balmy, crystal clear beach.

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