It’s like truth or dare, but not as you know it.

Melbourne’s Oriental Teahouse launched ‘Dumplings for Dating’ purely for Valentines Day earlier this year, but they’ve decided to prolong the ‘dining and dating’ concept for the rest of the year following public demand! YYYYAAAASSSSSSSS!

The two-person banquet navigates diners through a four-stage board game laid between opposing players. Whilst answering truth-or-dare style questions, diners chow down on the banquet offering a selection of in-house favourites such as Chocolate Wonka dumplings, Sweet Shredded Steak and a Clover Club cocktail that will delight those with a sweeter palate.

Dating boardgame with food scattered atop. Image: Supplied

Dating boardgame with food scattered atop. Image: Supplied

Expect to be questioned about all sorts of sides to your personality, like whether you are an adventurous person or what your five-year plan is. And expect even deeper questions that could expose some of your secret fantasies!

The game can also see a person forfeit their phone for five minutes if couples reach the final stage and select a ‘daredevil’ activity. Patrons can expect anything to happen, like having to select a drink for their date.

Dumplings for Dating is created by the teahouse’s expert in-house team. Leveraging on the intimate and social setting, Melbourne foodies will rejoice with the concept running all year round – perfect for celebrating anniversaries, blind dates or an amusing catch-up with old friends.