New Korean-inspired poke trays will be introduced for a limited time at the popular Western Australian eatery, Canteen Trigg, to celebrate their one-year anniversary. The new dish includes fresh salmon, baechu kimchi, watermelon radish, ssamjang, coriander and brown rice.

Poke – pronounced ‘POH-keh’ meaning ‘cut into pieces’ – is a dish typically served with raw salmon, including a healthy serving of Japanese style vegetables like edamame and daikon, all on a bed of sushi rice. Harnessing WA’s abundance of local seafood, Canteen Trigg is the only restaurant in Perth to offer different types of fish in their Poke trays, including salmon, kingfish, snapper, tuna and cobia.

Over the last year, the Japanese-inspired Hawaiian dish has made a whirlwind rise to popularity with poke bars popping up all across the country.

George Kailis, Managing Director of Kailis Hospitality Group which overlooks Canteen Triggs, grabbed at the opportunity to serve poke to the Perth market after a visit to Hawaii.

“Poke is unbelievable and such a great healthy meal option,” he says. “I was surprised it had not caught on in Australia as yet and with the opening of Canteen we had a great opportunity to introduce the Perth market to it.

“Very few patrons had any idea of what it was when we opened but it has now caught on in a huge way.”

The celebrated café has developed a legion of loyal fans since its inception, offering guests unique food and beverages with urban interiors, rocking playlists and beachside views. Considered one of the healthiest beachside café’s in Perth, Canteen Trigg has turned the typical beachside kiosk model on its head with restaurant quality gourmet meal trays in a casual setting.

The limited edition dishes will be served up until October 1, 2017.

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