Aussies know how to make a ridiculously good pizza even better – pair it with the perfect drop.

So, if your cooking skills aren’t up to scratch or you’re a “let’s get takeaway” kind of person, you can still impress your guests with your sommelier-like knowledge of the ultimate combination of pizza and wine.

Whether you’re a meat-lovers maniac or a controversial pineapple-on-a-pizza-lover, we’ve got six perfect pizza topping and wine pairings thanks to our friends and wine experts at BWS.

Veggie Sensation & Dry Rosé

This pizza is a veggie lover’s delight with toppings of mushrooms, pineapple, diced tomato, green capsicum, Kalamata olives, cheddar, onion, oregano, mozzarella and finished with a drizzle of aioli.

Pair with a rosé that’s dry with enough body, fruit and acidity not to dominate but to support, like the Chapel Hill Sangiovese Rosé.

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Hawaiian & Fiano

There’s no pizza topping quite as polarising as pineapple! For those who love the tropical fruit, the Hawaiian pizza does the trick with its smoky honey jam, juicy pineapple and mozzarella toppings.

Pair this pizza with a South Australian Fiano – a Mediterranean style white wine with great texture and flavours of fresh pear and hints of nuttiness –  like the Infamous Dodger Fiano. The fruitiness of the wine and its acidity will cut through the juicy pineapple and counter-balance the saltiness of the ham.

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Pepperoni-Lovers & Grenache

This pizza is a crowd-pleaser, with lots of pepperoni and mozzarella on top.  A McLaren Vale GSM like the d’Arenberg Stump Jump Grenache Mourvedre is a red wine with beautifully rich fruity and savoury flavours as well as moderate acidity to cut through and support the flavours of the toppings. 

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BBQ Meat-Lovers & Cabernet Sauvignon

Love your meat? Then you’ll love this pizza! Complete with streaky bacon rashers, smoky honey ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef and mozzarella on rich BBQ sauce; pair with a cabernet sauvignon from a warm climate wine region, like the Cat Among the Pigeons Cabernet Sauvignon Barossa. The elevated fruitiness of the wine and the firm tannins will be a match for the richness and fattiness of the pizza. 

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Chicken Supreme & Chardonnay

Chardonnay and chicken is a classic match. Pair this pizza – which has chicken, mushrooms, pineapple, capsicum, onion and mozzarella – with a Margaret River Chardonnay like Once & Well. The wine has enough depth without being overpowering, allowing the fruit to add to the flavours and the acidity to cut through the cheese. 

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Ultimate Hot and Spicy & Malbec

Some like it hot, just like this pizza with jalapenos, beef, pepperoni, Italian sausage, onion, chilli flakes and mozzarella, finished with aioli drizzle. Pair with a Malbec from the Fleurieu Peninsula like The Ethereal One Fleurieu malbec. The low-tannin smoothness and acidity will cut through the cheese and not compete against the spice and the wine has enough depth to cut through the meats.

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