Marinated and then grilled, we’ve found the perfect recipe for your dinner party at home.

Despite being closed as a result of Sydney’s 2021 lockdown restrictions, CBD favourite Bopp & Tone is helping Australians still enjoy restaurant quality dishes at home thanks to their Smoky Paprika Grilled Spatchcock recipe.

Designed by Bopp & Tone’s head chef Sa Va’afusuaga, this recipe highlights Sa’s passion for exploring cuisines around the world. Now, to help bring his experience and wealth of knowledge to your home, the team have kindly shared the secrets to making the tastiest, yet easiest Smoky Paprika Grilled Spatchcock.

Marinated up to six hours in a brine and then rubbed with a flavourful, homemade spice mix; settle in as Bopp & Tone helps you to create a menu favourite for your next dinner party at home.

Duration: Marinate for 6 hours + 30 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Servings: 8


4 whole smoked spatchcocks
200mL natural yoghurt
1 punnet micro coriander
Sea salt, for seasoning

For the Brine

150g fine salt
150g caster sugar
20ml white vinegar
3 litres of water
2 bay leaves
2 tablespoons black peppercorns

For the Marinade

40g smoked paprika
15g cayenne pepper
5g dried oregano leaves
20g brown sugar
60mL olive oil
60mL canola oil
15g garlic cloves, peeled


1. To prepare the brine, combine all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Chill and set aside.

2. Then, to prepare the spatchcock, using a pair of kitchen shears, cut the backbone from the spatchcocks. Next, turn skin side down splayed out. With a sharp knife, cut down the side of the breast bone and remove carefully. Next, cut away the rib cage from the breast.

3. Place the prepared spatchcocks in brine and leave to marinate for 4-6 hours.

4. Then, prepare the marinade by combining all ingredients into a bowl, adding the oils last.

5. Remove the spatchcocks from the brine and rub the marinade into the meat, making sure to cover all areas. Spatchcocks can be marinated overnight and have a shelf life of three days in the marinade.

6. To cook the spatchcock, place the marinated spatchcock onto a plate and season the skin with sea salt.

7. Place spatchcocks on a hot grill or BBQ skin side down and don’t touch. The skin will go dark brown because of the marinade. Once the skin has rendered and is crispy (approximately 6 minutes), gently turn over making sure not to tear the skin. Cook for another 5 minutes on the flesh and then transfer to a plate to rest.

8. To serve cut the rested spatchcocks down to desired sizes. Serve with a dollop of yoghurt and garnish with the micro coriander. Sprinkle with a small amount of olive oil,

Tip: All grills are different so probe the leg or thigh for the liquid to run clear. If when probed the liquid is pink, cook for another couple of minutes on the flesh side.

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