Always thinking a-bao-t Bao? 

Missing your favourite Asian street food? There’s something special about the pillowy softness and kick-starting flavour of good quality bao. And let’s be real, unlike a tasty pasta or sizzling curry, it really isn’t the kind of food which you’re easily able to recreate at home. 

But don’t panic! 

You can now have high-quality bao buns brought to you! That’s right, food truck legend, Tsuru, is now delivering at home do-it-yourself Bao Kits, plus at home Yum Cha Kits too (as if the bao wasn’t enough). 

These famous fluffy buns will be given the delivery treatment and can be ordered to your door, along with fillings including Chicken Teriyaki, Tofu Teriyaki + Shiitake, Hot & Spicy Pork Belly and Black Pepper Beef.  And, if none of those take your fancy, you can even just order the unparalleled airy buns so you can get creative and fill them yourself. 

Each kit contains a whopping 10 serves and comes ready to cook so that you can have it as fresh as possible. If you’re planning ahead, you can also order frozen kits. 

Tsuru Yum Cha Close Up

Tsuru Yum Cha Close Up. Image Supplied.

Or maybe yum cha is what you’re craving? Tsuru is also offering their iconic Yum Cha Kits to feast on from the comfort of your lounge, including Prawn Har Gow, Chicken Sui Mai, BBQ Pork Buns and Chicken Buns

Prices range from $15 – $70 and can be ordered from the Eat Drink Collective here, with pick up and convenient home delivery to Sydney Metro available. 

What’s even better is Tsuru is offering free delivery to the Inner West and Eastern suburbs, using codes EAST20 and INWEST20 respectively, until the 15th of May.

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