Salt Meats Cheese, Sydney
Level 2, Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney
Mon to Fri 12pm – Late, Sat 5pm – Late, Sun Closed
02 9247 6446

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When three of your most favourite things are in the title of the restaurant, you know you’ve found a winner.

Salt Meats Cheese Sydney by Massimo Mele has opened within Gateway, Circular Quay and it has us CBD goer’s extremely excited.

Bringing the food offering back in line with the grassroots Italian cuisine they are known for, Mele (La Scala on Jersey, Hugos Group) and Head Chef James Roberts (Alpha, Civic Dining, Chez Deel) have created a bespoke menu for this flagship venue that’s influenced by Mele’s version of the Italian food he remembers growing up with.

Massimo Mele and James Roberts

“Essentially the menu is a collection of my memories from time spent growing up in Italy plus my regular trips back with some twists and turns along the way and a bit of refinement from James,” Mele says.

Let me tell you, he’s remembering well. Almost every moment was italian perfection.

As an Italian, it’s difficult to find a pasta dish that compares to my Nonna’s cooking, but i’ve got to say Massimo’s Maccheroni Ferretti with pork, wagyu, onions, white wine and cacio cavallo was most certainly on par.

But let’s back it up a little, we have to discuss the starters. For those who want something delicious and light, the Tuna Crostini, raw yellowfin, whipped goat’s curd, with chilli and lemon, is a must. Not only is it a pretty & simple artwork, it’s so fresh and won’t leave you disappointed.

Tuna Crostini | Raw yellowfin, whipped goat’s curd, chilli, lemon

For those who are in for a guilty binge you can’t go past the Fried pizza, Burrata with ox-heart tomatoes (not really a guilt trip) and of course the meatballs- the proper Italian way.

Meatballs | Pork, veal, tomato, parmesan, grilled bread

Then come the big guns.
The fish of the day was the Roasted Mulloway with salsa verde and sauteed rappe. And it was fabulous. With a beautiful seared skin and soft flesh every bite was light and enjoyable.

We were also lucky enough to be treated to a surprise BBQ Lamb Shoulder Rack with artichokes, broad-beans and mint. Who knew broad-beans could be so good? The lamb perfectly pink, soft and melted in your mouth formed the most perfect marriage with the mint sauce. If this pops up again- get it. No if’s or but’s about it.

Last but not least, dessert. No matter how full of salt, meat or cheese you are, there’s always room for it.

I’ve always been a tiramisu girl- so of course I had that. It was lovely. But I smashed through it. It just wasn’t big enough. And when a person loves Tiramisu they need a bigger serve.

Tiramisu | Coffee mousse, mascarpone

But the dessert that stole the show for me was the Semifreddo with lemon, yogurt, marshmallow and rhubarb.

After the first bite, I was intrigued, and then every bite afterwards convinced me I was in love. The mix of textures and temperatures it what makes this dessert so interesting. The cold lemony semifreddo base, topped with thick torched marshmallowy goodness is perfectly paired with the sweet rhubarb strips, making it the clear winner of the dessert list.

Semi Freddo | Lemon, yogurt, marshmallow, rhubarb

One more thing to remember. The wine.
My pick for the evening was the Ghost Rock ‘Two Blocks’, Pinot Noir, Northdown, Tasmania.

The perfect pairing to a delicious evening.