Renovated, refreshed and the return of The Hof Downtown has finally come!

Situated just streets away from the Yarra River, the restaurant still upholds their infamous background of excellence.

The Hof Dowtown, located on the Docklands will be blessing Melbourne food lovers once again.

Think contemporary Australian cuisine with a hearty and eager German twist; all paired up with a range of cocktails embedded with characteristic that will most certainly warm the soul.

Apart from the Negroni with Austrian blue gin and the HOF’s Margarita that’s infused with pomegranate liqueur; beer lovers are most certainly welcome at the venue.

HOF’s Margarita. Tequila, fresh lime and pomegranate liqueur. Image Supplied.

The Hof Downtown have ten imported beers on tap as well as seven by the bottle – no need to herd anywhere else.

There’s one thing everyone should know about the Bavarians – there’s no joking around with bier (beer). Ever since the 1487 Reinheitsgebot Purity Laws – a law created around beer making – something that The Hof Downtown takes wholeheartedly.

Exclusively, The Hof Downtown stocks the Reisetbauer range – spirits, liqeurs, brandy, sparkling apple and strawberry wine, all of which is directly imported from the Hans Reisetbauer distillery in Axberg, Austria.

The Hof Downtown is the first and only venue down under to stock this extensive range.

Every item on the menu without doubt resonates the best quality in all produce.

From the fruit grown on the farm of Hans’ Austrian property, to the locally sourced Victorian red snapper served with smoked scampi bisque, potato and braised leek.

Locally sourced red snapper served with smoked scampi bisque, potato and braised leek. Image Supplied.

As part of the Hof’s renovation, the menu now includes tapas style dishes for some casual grazing.

Beef carpaccio with pesto rigatello, black olives, roasted capsicum and semi-dried cherry tomatoes, or slow braised ox cheek with parmesan polenta, grilled prawns served with parsnip puree, apple cider and shallot vinaigrette – the choice is yours.

The Hof Downtown expresses that they welcome all patrons – whatever their preference may be. From beer enthusiasts, to meat lovers and even the lighter vegetarian and vegan options are catered for.

The Hof Downtown
(03) 9642 3350
737 Bourke Street, Docklands
Mon – Fri 12pm – 1am, Sat 5pm – 1am