Ok so it’s a new year, a new you.

And if one of your resolutions was to be a fabulous host or your friend’s most favourite person to have around, then we can help you out. Because who doesn’t love someone who can make their favourite designer cocktails?

But if your new year’s resolution was to cut back on drinking or sugar, look away now.
We have the best and most tempting cocktail recipes to make you the ultimate cocktail master, and ultimately much more loved friend.

So let’s begin.

Island of Sicily, by Bar Carolina

• 30ml Leblon cachaça
• 15ml Sailor Jerry
• 15ml solerno blood orange
• 30ml lemon juice
• 30ml red grapefruit juice
• 15ml simple syrup

• Shake all ingredients and strain over ice
• Finally, add passion fruit foam from a syphons
• Garnish with a slice of blood orange (or other citrus fruit) and edible flowers

Bar Carolina

LGBTIQ, by Streat (Lemon, Gin, Bitters, Tonic, Ice and Quince)

• Lemon
• 30ml gin
• 3 drops of bitters
• Tonic
• Ice
• 5g of quince paste

1. Half fill Boston shaker with ice
2. Add gin, quince paste and squeeze in a quarter of lemon
3. Shake, shake, shake!
4. Pour contents into a short glass and top with ice
5. Add three drops of bitters and garnish with a lemon wheel


Fizzy Winds, by Impala

• 40 ml West Winds Cutlass gin
• 25 ml lemon juice
• 15 ml mandarin, rosemary and peppercorn syrup
• 5 ml Dom Benedictine.
• 2 dashes of burlesque bitters
• Egg white – Topped with King Valley Prosecco.

• Combine ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake, shake, shake!
• Using a fine strainer, poor contents into a tall glass.
• Add a couple of ice cubes and top it up with 20 ml of King Valley Prosecco.


Turkish Delight, by Yagiz

• 40ml rose petal infused Hendricks (regular Hendricks works too)
• 20ml creme de cacao
• 10ml lemon juice
• 10ml vanilla syrup
• 5ml rose water
• Egg white
• Rose fairy floss

• Combine all ingredients in shaker tin and wet shake (with ice)
• Strain out the ice from the tin then dry shake (with no ice)
• Double strain into a coupe glass and garnish with fairy floss and a dusting of pistachio powder.


Boarding Pass, by BKK

• 40ml Vodka
• 40ml salted watermelon
• 15ml house made berry syrup
• 15ml yuzu juice
• 15ml esprit de figues
• 25ml lemon juice

• Combine ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake, shake, shake!
• Using a fine strainer, poor contents into a tall glass.
• Garnish with Orchid (optional), then enjoy!


Carolina Mule, by Bar Carolina

• 50 ml Maidenii La Tonique
• 10ml Calvados
• 10ml ginger syrup
• 10ml simple sugar syrup
• Fresh mint leaves (approx. 4)
• Lemon
• Soda water
• Crushed ice

• Combine all liquid ingredients (except for soda) in a copper glass
• Add crushed ice
• Top with soda and stir
• Garnish with mint leaves, lemon and enjoy

Bar Carolina

Paris End, by Uncle

• 30ml West Winds ‘The Sabre’ gin
• 15ml Lychee liqueur
• 15ml Basil and coriander seed syrup
• 15ml Fresh lime juice
• A generous dash of Angostura bitters

• Shake hard and fast, double strain into cocktail glass.
• Garnish with a lychee and top with 90ml Prosecco. Enjoy!