The Cointreau Margarita – Australia’s drink of choice.

Back in 1948, American socialite Margarete “Margarita” Sames made it her mission to create the perfect drink that would be best enjoyed poolside accompanying her favourite spirit, tequila. For this, Margarete decided to combine the two with classic Mexican flavours, lime and salt to concoct a legendary cocktail recipe that would go on to bear her name. Thus, the heavenly margarita was born…but not without a little help from some Cointreau.

“A margarita without Cointreau is not worth its salt” – Margarete Sames.

In fact, according to an independent study on a variety of margarita recipes, an original margarita made with Cointreau demonstrates superior ‘organoleptic qualities’ – delighting the senses of taste and smell with a very aromatic, fresh, and balanced sensory profile. 

Today, the ubiquitous margarita is rated as the seventh most popular cocktail internationally; and, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, in 2020 ‘how to make a margarita’ was one of the most Googled questions worldwide. 

So, without further ado, let us answer your questions on how to make the original Cointreau margarita, at home. 

4 Tips on How to Make the Best Margarita at home:

1. Always use a chilled glass. There’s no point making a cold drink and then putting it in a warm glass.

2. Use fresh lime juice. Just like cooking, using fresh ingredients is always the best way to get the perfect outcome.

3. Margaritas are all about fun. Don’t take the shaking too seriously, we all pull funny faces.

4. Create your own. Margaritas are one of the easiest drinks to start making variations with. Try adding some fruits and spices to really make it your own margarita recipe.

Original Margarita Recipe
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Original Margarita Recipe


30mL Cointreau
30mL tequila blanco
30mL fresh lime juice
Lime wedge, to garnish
Salt, to garnish


1. Using a chilled glass, run the lime wedge along the rim. Dip the rim of the glass into salt to cover.
2. Next, add all ingredients into an ice-filled shaker, shake vigorously.
3. Finally, strain your cocktail into your salt-rimmed glass and finish by garnishing your drink with the lime wedge.

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